For my beach shack #3

For my beach shack, today:

  1. I went for a walk and did ten minutes of free weight exercises.  Sweat pouring down my back, cost minimal.  
  2. Solved the problem of how to exercise and lug a five inch phone around with me.  I kept on umm-ing and ah-ing about buying a proper exercise case for the last twelve months.  Today, I discovered that a safety pin was all I needed to keep my phone in my jacket pocket while I went for a walk/ mild jog.  Cost, nothing, I commandeered my mum's safety pin (it was sitting around looking unloved).  Still, what's a safety pin cost? A quick search online show about $3 for a pack of sixty from the stationary shop.
  3. Ate leftovers for brunch and dinner.
  4. Made my own herbal infusions from garden herbs at home.  
  5. Drank home made coffee and tea.
  6. I'm about to place my clothes outside to air dry on the clothes line.
  7. Will do a spot of house keeping in a minute.
  8. Adding a dose of l-glutamine in my herbal drink to help with muscle recovery and chronic fatigue.
  9. Added a little more thyroid hormone to my regime (under doctors supervision) to help me truck along nicely to Christmas.
  10. Thinking my hair needs a little trim to keep it tidy, checked online and 8 to 12 weeks is recommended to keep split ends at bay.  My mum only gets her hair cut every six months and seems to have healthy hair.  Every three months for a hair cut for an easily maintained style keep the budget in check though.  For shorter styles that do not grow out well, the hair dresser tends to need visiting.

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