For the beach shack #8

Things I did to help save up for my beach shack:
  1. Slept in = zero electricity :D
  2. Updated my pay details so I can get credit on my phone via SMS over Christmas.
  3. Added money to my savings account.  Even though the interest paid is low, it's better than nothing.
  4. Checked my account and discovered that I got paid money for health fund claims I did not expect.  I will spend it all at the dentist next week and keep the money flowing through the economy. That's a nice bonus.
  5. Wrapped a couple of small presents with low cost supplies bought throughout the year.
  6. Watched freeview TV last night and did Pilates on the floor = workout, zero cost
  7. Drank coffee at home, no milk= around 15 cents a cup made with ground coffee
  8. Checked the real estate guide and looked at more houses I can not afford.  One of these days, that situation will change.  I try and keep my eye on where things are trending and what is selling etc.
  9. Noted that rent seems to be getting cheaper in rural areas and hopefully house prices will go with this.  This is good news for those renting.  Changing houses, though a bit of a pain and expensive, may be worth it for you.
  10. Drank name brand sparkling mineral water instead of wine last night, 10 cents a cup.
  11. Grabbed some sunshine when the UV is lower in the afternoon but the weather delightful, good for vitamin D and mental health.  Watered plants and picked some berries for future jam.

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