For the beach shack #6

To stay on track today, and save for my beach shack:
  1. I did not buy the newspaper or the two packs of chewing gum that would have cost me 6 dollars with negligible benefit.
  2. I did spend $20 on a quality multivitamin with a reasonable dose of selenium because there's no point owning a beach shack and falling apart.  Money spent on reasonable health products is good.
  3. I went for a swim at a reduced rate due to the short span of time allotted and good manners.  This helps strengthen my body and get my lymph moving while being gentle.
  4. I ate a small bag of hot chips for $3 and there's no chance I will put on weight given the literal meaning the shop gave to small.  The chips were exceptionally tasty and I enjoyed every last one.  It's been a while since I have had hot chips.  I left the house in a peeved mood at speed and did not pack enough food, so hot chips and the beach view it was.
  5. Made a dinner of fried rice with vegetables; rice; herbs; egg; bacon.  Her Right Royal Gumboots was not in the mood for dinner but I was hungry after exercise and thought she might want dinner later.  By the time food was cooking, stomachs were growling.  I'm all for cake in theory for dinner, not in practice.
  6. And, today's failure of sorts...I spent unnecessarily at the op- shop (charity shop/ second hand) and on reflection decided that the thing was better off going to someone else.  An hour later I trundled back to the op-shop, apologised, suggested the purchase was now a donation, but was given credit for the money I spent due to the circumstances.  I am grateful and accept that op-shops are my spending weakness.
  7. Took some gorgeous photos of a local beach (below).  Such a pretty day!

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