For the beach shack #5

Stayed on track today:

  1. Looked at more houses I could not afford.  Did some research on a couple of properties which gives me critical information if those prices drop.  I'm not competitive in the market at the moment but I am confident that will change.  Reportedly one in five first home buyers can not afford mortgage payments at the moment and most investors are interest only.  A mild interest rate increase and suddenly I am three wishes away from being a buyer they want.
  2. Watching Selling NY online for free (well, except for the broadband, I can live without online videos but they are a lovely luxury).  I am sure I will learn something from watching these case studies.  
  3. In pain all day.  Drinking herbal teas and took some Arnica which is having a negligible effect. Sometimes Arnica works, and sometimes it's not so effective.  My pain is glandular and acute thanks to Chronic Fatigue, and I find Arnica tends to be less effective with intense pain.  
  4. Drinks at home with my Keep Cup giving me the recurrent feel of a cafe without actually turning up.
  5. Morning coffee using my pod machine and reading Below The Parapet by Carol Thatcher which is the biography of her father, Denis Thatcher. the husband of former UK PM Margaret Thatcher.  Worth reading with a morning coffee or an evening cup of chamomile!

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