For the beach shack #4

Things I did to stay within my budget and aim to save towards a tiny cottage or a beach shack:

  1. Looked at houses, and did some research on a beach shack.  The tiny house is not appropriate but I have the satisfaction of doing something towards my goal.  Showed Her Right Royal Gumboots (my mum) another tiny house but as I suspected, it's ready to be demolished and too price-y given it's state.
  2. Drank herbal tea with herbs picked from the garden
  3. Made and ate beans and rice for breakfast (no baked beans so I had to make do with podding fresh beans from the garden)
  4. Made and had a lunch of vegetarian curry rice and an egg with leftovers and herbs from the garden.
  5. Made a dinner of egg, bacon and vegetables with greens from the garden.  Mum made a fruit salad for dessert.
  6. Did two loads of washing up of dishes and a couple of minor cleans
  7. Went for a walk and chatted to friendly people I have met in the area.  There are some that put me off walking, but the kind keep me plodding the area and help me connect with others in the community who are also working to make life better.  The rest, I hope change, and become community minded.  
  8. Had a bath and Epsom salts to try and relieve chronic fatigue pain.  Still in glandular pain but it all helps.  
  9. Made a gift tag from colorful paper scraps and pens.
  10. Made coffee for someone who came over, and engaged in intelligent debate.  My brain is still considering things.  

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