For the beach shack #2

Today, to keep focusing on my goal to own a beach shack, or a cosy cottage in the middle of the city, I:

  1. Went to the dentist.  Prevention is better than cure and my health fund will pay back a generous chunk.  I have to go again closer to Christmas which will take away any temptation for Christmas candy.
  2. Have been told I have to wear a mouthguard at night to keep my teeth in better condition than they would be.  This will save me money by making me unattractive to the opposite sex, saving on dating!  Ha!  It's not that bad actually.  Clear and only to be worn while sleeping.  I'm sure I can sometimes skip it, but lately I've been skipping it all the time.  Naughty.
  3. Thinking about getting a fake tooth and then saving up for another one.  A couple of my adult teeth have not developed at all and it makes me feel mildly self conscious, and I am concerned my mouth will crowd, or my bone deteriorate, if I do nothing.  I honestly do not know what to do.  It's a cost of $6000 plus per tooth with a little assistance from the health fund.  I may have the figures wrong but it's not cheap.  Having a nice smile is a daily pleasure though. 
  4. Booked to go back to the dentist instead of putting it off like I want to.  Better to get it done and paid for and then get back to some more squirrel like behavior. 
  5. Noticed that a major shopping area in Hobart is much quieter on six months ago and I suspect more retailers will be packing up shop, or at least reducing staff while they get through what I believe is a recession.  When I can easily get a car park in McDonalds I know things are grim, especially this close to Christmas.  The area should be booming.  I like the slower pace though, people were more polite and there was less rush on the road.  If it calms down I might go back for shopping like I traditionally do when there is a recession.  I have avoided these shops due to the insane pace for years.  I loved this area when there was less money around and more community.
  6. Took an apple as a snack while I waited for the dentist.  I arrived early thinking it would be hard to find a place to park!  Also brought water with me and only spent money on the dentist.  It's a worry when the shop fronts are medical and pharmacy, charity and finance and little else.  There used to be a wonderful florist but that's gone and the coffee shop/ bakery was empty.  Next time I will take a book to read!
  7. Was in pain last night after my walk but I still chanced a walk today.  My legs are beginning to protest.  I forget I have this "exercise is torture" thing happening with my body.  Coffee tomorrow will help alleviate some of the muscle pain.
  8. I did try to get to the pool today to cool off from the heat and get gentle exercise but it was busy when I went which is probably a good thing.  Another time I will get a swim in.  If people are spending money on teaching their children to swim I can only applaud it.  Swimming lessons strike me as a sensible use of money.  Skills are never lost.
  9. Drank tea at home and did my best to make sure family member with a bung foot/ankle was being looked after.  Who knew feet could go so many different shades of color?  And yes, bung foot has been to the doctor and may need more medical attention. 
  10. Mopped, vacuumed and did a general clean for over an hour so The Head Gardener could have visitors over without worrying and Bung Ankle did not have to do more than they could easily do.  I have been helped after when I was hurt, so I am just returning the favor, (I would do it anyway).  That works out as frugal exercise!
  11. Feeling a little stressed about something personal, so I made a cup of herbal tea in my keep cup from herbs in the garden and I spent ten minutes going through my paper work and throwing old papers out.
  12. Two online medical claims total around 130 dollars.  

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