Emergencies - why we save

There have been times in my life where the money I had was so poor it was pretty well impossible to save any money.  I always did my best to make sure my basic needs and bills were covered.  Most people are not that poor except students and the unemployed and childless.  For everyone else, an emergency fund should be possible with a little discipline.

Last month I spent more than the last six months because I needed dental work done, which is exactly what my money should be spent on.  I've got to get a new windscreen and more dental work which will blow the savings again.  I am spending less on incidentals lately though.

Since the news that has caused my tears has hit I have been spending a little more on the odd snack.  I make sure I leave the house with a drink bottle full of water, a piece of fruit and glucose in case my blood sugar drops suddenly due to reduced appetite from grief.  Thankfully my paper work and spring cleaning are pretty up to date so I do not need to spend too much time with house work at the moment.

As my finances are in good order, that's one less thing I need to worry about and I can be generous here and there, where needed.  I've bought a few things to make life easier too.  I made sure I bought clothes in cheerful colours because all my black tops do not help the mood (will use a bit) or anyone else's.  I am making sure I leave the house neat and tidy when I go out to visit and run errands which is a minimal cost.  I would wear make up but I keep crying.

It really does pay to always hope for the best in life and plan life for the worst.  It's much easier if discipline is a constant so that things are in order when you need to focus on your loved ones in need and process grief.

I'm walking and doing my best to look after myself.  I am keeping up spiritual discipline too.  In part, my bible reading is because it's the only thing to give me comfort and keep me self disciplined.  I made sure I went for a thirty minute walk today to clear my head.  I'm going to make extra effort to connect with friends too.  I have family and friends praying too.

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