Dear Politicians, I saved today

Today, in order to remain solvent (any politicians or public servants reading this, may learn something) I:

  • went to the library for free books (cut libraries and there will be such a political back lash from my family, it will be called "political whip lash")
  • watered the garden because tomorrow is a high fire danger day and food in the garden is less time spent at the super maket
  • did not buy a house and pay rent at home (waiting for insane prices to go down and fed up with ludicrous rent)
  • wrote a grumpy letter to politicians who are not representing me, or my generations' best interests (you could all do better, rather than allegedly "bludging" on public money)
  • ate frugal food, lots of rice and potato with a little protein, fruit and veg.  Tea and coffee with home brand soy milk  (hardly living the high life)
  • random acts of kindness
  • dishes and a few other household tasks
  • pulled the odd weed while out in the garden/ jungle

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