Chamomile searching for calm

A few hours ago, I was trying to talk to The Head Gardener, who stonewalled me, and told me to not bring up problems because she wanted to relax.  I may have muttered down the stairs but I found a book and lost myself in it.

An hour or two later and I was asked my medical opinion on something, to which I replied with emphasis a four letter word.  The use of the word, while an accurate opinion, did not go down particularly well.  There were other potential problems but I can only deal with enough today.  Now, I'm no longer quite so calm, having reassured my mum and got her calm.

I will be calm again shortly.  I am drinking a big mug of chamomile tea, have a tea light flickering in the back ground and will go looking for a comedy or a business program to switch my brain to other things.

I have had an active day making sure other injured family members were reasonably supported.  Sometimes it's hard to get the right balance but I did my best.  There have been other stresses and a near miss on the road which I reported to police.  There are some lucky young people in my community intact due to my careful driving, slow driving and fast reaction times.  I hope they realize that a higher power might have something remarkable for them to do with their lives other than be traffic hazards.  It seems unlikely but then again, I do believe that big things can grow from small gestures.  Please drive carefully and insist your children follow road rules, accidents take a split second.

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