A little confession

Tonight as I write, I am still an aching fatigued version of myself.  I continue to hope that one of these days I will push my body a little and be full of energy the next day.  Today is not the day I find the cure for my Chronic Fatigue/ SEID.  Today is the day I put up with the pain having spent most of the day in bed feeling hit by latent virus.  I am still glad I went swimming yesterday and ate chips, I enjoyed every sunshine filled, water soaked moment.

I am glad too that I painted my nails with clear nail polish and tidied them up.  I spent some of the afternoon curled up on my bed, with 101 Pillows, reading books from the library.  I can not read too much at the moment, but I am grateful for free reading material and free television to watch.

I went fishing for some frugal inspiration for you:

  1. How we cut $10 000 per year from our family budget: http://www.frugaldebtfreelife.com/main/2015/3/6/how-our-family-saves-10000-a-year?rq=%2410%2C000
  2. Frugal hacks by Frugalwoods.  I love this post.  As a quick aside, I'm not sure people should invest themselves but do agree that people should understand any investment thoroughly and keep it simple.  Australians can check they are legal through the Moneysmart website and contact ASIC directly if you have any concerns (Australian Security and Investment Commission).  I would buy a home and pay it off if you can (wait until they are more affordable where I am), save some in a savings account for emergencies, give some to charity and use some of my savings to enjoy my life and enhance the lives of those I love.  Do not put off living until you are retired: http://www.frugalwoods.com/2015/05/22/12-shocking-frugal-hacks-you-wont-believe-2/
  3. Can you take the frugality lark too far? Yes. http://www.beingfrugal.net/frugality-how-far-is-too-far/

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