A Glimmer at Christmas

I thought what I would do yesterday was push myself to my limit and see what would happen.  I was beginning to get wobbly last evening, and did rest a little but no where near enough.

Surprise, surprise, nothing good happened today.  More to the point, not much happened today because I spent most of it asleep.  I did get up and try and drink a cup of coffee but even that was too much effort.  It's now time for bed and I've finally got my washing on.  I was fast running out clean basic bits from my wardrobe.

The inevitable crash, and the inability to push, is one of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue that I accept.  There's always the hope that I will spring out of bed and be able to push myself another day. Recovery at my stage is incredibly rare and unlikely but I will hold on to my glimmer still.

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