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Time spent with people...

Now the new year is upon us, I'm sure some of you are taking a look at your life and finances.  This quote, from an article on The Simple Dollar, is worth considering when looking at your budget:

"The thing is, when it comes to the end of your days, you won’t think back positively on all of the hours you spent working for other people. You won’t think of the stops at Starbucks or the little treats. You won’t think about a shiny new car or a big perfect house.
You’ll instead think about the experiences. You’ll think about the time spent with people. You’ll think about the relationships you had with people. You’ll think about the people that you’ve loved and the people that loved you. Those are the things that define your life and, really, you don’t need a whole lot of extra money to have those things in spades. Those are the things that are worth working for."

A sober new year

I bought in the new year with a cup of green tea in my hands and dishpan hands.  There will be no bubbly celebrations anytime soon.

I hope there will be more catch ups with friends over hot drinks this year and that all things will work together for good.  I have bottles of wine for presents in my cupboard and no desire to drink it.  In winter, I might make mulled wine and sit in front of a fire, or a fake one on my notebook.

Drinking green tea and sharing someone else's story of a sober new year's eve celebration:

Don't be a Martha, or Positively Unthoughtful

I never understood the story of Mary and Martha in the bible until now.  Well, I always thought I understood, but in my pain and grief I can see it more clearly.

The story of Jesus telling off Martha used to annoy me because I always tried to do my bit and keep things reasonably clean and organised.  I was raised to help clean up if our family went to dinner with my Grandparents, or to help out at Youth Group camps.  I used to resent the idea that sitting around talking was some how superior, to cleaning, but I'm sure that's not the moral of the story.

The moral of the story is that there is a time to clean, and a time to focus on less earthly things.  There are few things more irritating when you are grieving to have someone genuinely worried about how clean the house is.  Do not get me wrong, I think it's an important thing to do out of respect for others and to help stay sane.  It's just not that important for things to be perfectly in order when you are grieving.  …

Talented? Do not expect recognition

Fascinating quote about C.S. Lewis according to Christianity Today, he was not appreciated much during his life for his writing and his faith.  Yet, what a positive influence he has had on millions of people. QUOTE: Lewis was hurt by the disapproval of friends and colleagues, but it was by no means a new experience for him. although he enjoyed the conviviality of weekly get-togethers with fellow Inklings (intellectuals and writers who met regularly to exchange ideas), and the prodigious successes of his books, Lewis was frequently under attack for his decidedly Christian lifestyle. Even close Christian friends like Owen Barfield and J.R.R. Tolkien openly disapproved of Lewis's evangelistic speaking and writing. In fact, Lewis's "Christian" books caused so much disapproval that he was more than once passed over for a professorship at Oxford, with the honors going to men of lesser reputation. It was Magdalene College at Cambridge University that finally honored Lewis …

For an easy life try port, not Christianity - C.S Lewis

Better relationships with in-laws

Food for pleasure....hmm...yes!

Eat food for good mood and have the occasional treat?  Yes, I could not agree more with this sentiment.  You can do "all the right things" and still end up sick.  It's silly to worry too much.  Eat vegetables, a little meat, fruit, nuts, dairy (or other milk if allergic) and the odd treat.  A little sugar hit, or the odd glass of wine is fine for most of us.

Psychology today - 10 Ways to make your life better

These are good strategies to make life better even when it's tough.  I looked for other articles but they are far too self focused, or long winded for my liking.  Three and eight are hard but worth it!

In summary:

Be grateful for what you havePrepare for tomorrow, tonightTake the high road and grow up Work hard for rewardFeelings are important but not factsGet help if you feel helpless or hopeless all the timeKeep to a routine (be flexible where needed)Drop resentmentsIt says "Know who you really are, and learn to honor yourself" but I think it is important, and leads to a happier life to honor and serve others while looking after myself, so I can continue to serve.Find the good in your day.  Some days can be miserable.  A cup of tea and a rest can make a difference.

Emergencies - why we save

There have been times in my life where the money I had was so poor it was pretty well impossible to save any money.  I always did my best to make sure my basic needs and bills were covered.  Most people are not that poor except students and the unemployed and childless.  For everyone else, an emergency fund should be possible with a little discipline.

Last month I spent more than the last six months because I needed dental work done, which is exactly what my money should be spent on.  I've got to get a new windscreen and more dental work which will blow the savings again.  I am spending less on incidentals lately though.

Since the news that has caused my tears has hit I have been spending a little more on the odd snack.  I make sure I leave the house with a drink bottle full of water, a piece of fruit and glucose in case my blood sugar drops suddenly due to reduced appetite from grief.  Thankfully my paper work and spring cleaning are pretty up to date so I do not need to spend to…

When you are hurting

There are things going on right now, that I am comfortable, as therapy, to write about in a journal but not so much here.  One day I might be able to write about them.

I have had need for comfort that only my Bible, prayer and tears can provide.  You may find this helpful:

A Prayer for When You’re Hurting: 10 Verses of Comfort for Tough Times - Debbie McDaniel Christian Blog -- shared by Browser

More important than money

More important than money, is people.  Please do your best to make sure you spend some time with loved ones, or find someone to talk to if you are finding the Christmas time difficult.  Isolation tends to make things worse.   
Heard tragically that someone found life too much, and died much too young.  Please know that there are people out there that care for you, and help is available for you.  If you, or a loved one, is in a life threatening head space contact emergency services, or non-emergency mental health services.  Your local public hospital can provide care as well.
The Christmas message is not about presents, it is about a poor family who were chosen to bring hope to the world in difficult circumstances.  Life might hand you a rough trot but there is hope, love and faith when all else fails.

Saving for a shack #11

So very tired, I've been a busier than normal beaver the last couple of days.  To help me save for a tiny beach shack, in the middle of suburbia, I've:*Been avoiding the shops as much as possible
*Helping family here, and there
*Froze homemade chocolate custard for a frugal treat
*Contacted government bodies with safety concerns
*Making hot drinks at home using a KeepCup for that cafe experience without moving very far
*Went for a walk and my elbows sweated, so hot!
*Using a cute hot water bottle

For the beach shack #10

To help me stay on track to buy the worst shack, in the most exquisite spot, today, I:

Went out and dropped off pretty things to a charity shop they can sell and improve some one else's New Year.  Hopefully some of the pieces will spread some cheer with bargain hunters in need.Spent nothing other than petrol on my outing.Grabbed some sunshine and managed exercise.Did some random acts of kindnessMade coffee and herbal teas at homeWashing dried on the line in the sunshine

A Glimmer at Christmas

I thought what I would do yesterday was push myself to my limit and see what would happen.  I was beginning to get wobbly last evening, and did rest a little but no where near enough.

Surprise, surprise, nothing good happened today.  More to the point, not much happened today because I spent most of it asleep.  I did get up and try and drink a cup of coffee but even that was too much effort.  It's now time for bed and I've finally got my washing on.  I was fast running out clean basic bits from my wardrobe.

The inevitable crash, and the inability to push, is one of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue that I accept.  There's always the hope that I will spring out of bed and be able to push myself another day. Recovery at my stage is incredibly rare and unlikely but I will hold on to my glimmer still.

The Great Christmas Chuck Out

The annual Great Christmas Chuck Out has begun.  I thought we might get through Christmas without a throw out and reorganise binge by The Head Gardener (mum) but I was wrong.

Two large plastic containers of platters and cups will wend their way to the op shop when I go and run errands.  They are sitting in my car boot already to be thrown out.  Meanwhile the table is covered in crockery that we are keeping while The Head Gardener sorts out here current configuration for the living area.

I am physically exhausted but I am always keen to help The Head Gardener when she threatens to throw things out.  There's only so much stuff I can cope with.  I really like minimal decorative items, a comfortable bed, a fast computer, coffee machine and a view out the window.  There's really not that much else I need to keep me happy except the occasional stash of essentials so I can avoid shops and a beautiful view out the window.  I love an inspiring view.

When I was a child we lived in a ve…

Shape up, or ship out!

The title of this post is one of those sayings I accepted as a normal part of life.  I'm convinced now that most people do not get raised with quite such enthusiasm.

I'm not going to lie, I'm rounder than I'd like in places and I'm trying to do weights without incurring too much punishment from the Chronic Fatigue monster.  You may find this article on using exercise to tone your body helpful:

The usual disclaimers apply, talk to your doctor before changing your approach to your health and well being.

So much for wasteful modern life

I am continually peeved by news stating that "we are all becoming more wasteful in modern societies" or a slight variation on the theme.  It ignores most reports, like this one, that show thanks to modern appliances and genuinely less wasteful behaviour, many of us are becoming little planet protectors without any fuss.

More people living in Sydney, using less water:

'Tis the season to spend less

Canadians are planning to spend less this year on Christmas than last.  Millennials are trending as those projecting lowest spending plans though many are planning on buying Christmas on credit.  At a projected spend of $400, that's a real worry.

For ways to keep Christmas spending to a minimum and stay away from credit for your holiday season, see these posts I prepared earlier:

A little Austerity

Austerity Housekeeping blog:
This blog has good tips on keeping your home running on a budget and saving in general.  The only cautionary note I would add, having read briefly through the blog, is that co-sleeping with babies and toddlers is not currently recommended.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been found to be increased where adults and babies/toddlers share beds.  Please talk to your child health nurse for to date information for babies and children.  Other than that, it has some excellent ideas.

Urban bohemian

I had to laugh when reading a local paper last week and realising that the fashion for Leavers Dinners (grade ten or twelve end of school celebrations) was reminiscent of the fashion of my Leavers Dinners which were quite some time ago.  I'm not going to share the figure but suffice to say it's long enough for young peeps to find it cool again.

There's few things more unnerving than watching someone a few years younger than yourself trying to rock the same fashion you did quite some time ago.  I will be glad when the 80s look once again goes out.  I think we are headed for the ultimate in cool, a resurgence of the 90s.  I imagine it will be called urban minimalism, or some such thing.

Urban minimalism will be all about black and denim and sharp cool haircuts like the bob.  Rebellion will be all about the ankle sock.  Come to think of it, the ankle sock's now quite mainstream, I guess we'll have to bring back the long sock teamed with sandals?

The end of urban mi…

Two fire engines and coffee

There is nothing like fire engine sirens to get me out of bed, and swearing, in the morning.  Admittedly, by the time I heard the sirens I should have been out of bed.  Thankfully the fire was a distance away and under control within minutes.

Today we have blissfully chilled out weather and the rain clouds are splatting a little.  I'm hoping for proper rainfall but so far nothing.

I'm drinking percolator coffee because it requires minimal thought and I'm not quite awake yet.  My hair is up and I'm neat and tidily dressed in jeans and a t-shirt because I was thinking I would have to get ready to go.  While the fire was a couple of kilometres away driving, it was much faster as a fire flows through nearby suburban bush.

Hopefully the cool weather will hold and rain will fall.  Hobart has been covered in a plume of smoke the last couple of days and our dedicated fire crews needs some relief.

I will probably take today pretty easy after I've spent a little while doin…

For the beach shack #8

Things I did to help save up for my beach shack:
Slept in = zero electricity :DUpdated my pay details so I can get credit on my phone via SMS over Christmas.Added money to my savings account.  Even though the interest paid is low, it's better than nothing. Checked my account and discovered that I got paid money for health fund claims I did not expect.  I will spend it all at the dentist next week and keep the money flowing through the economy. That's a nice bonus.Wrapped a couple of small presents with low cost supplies bought throughout the year.Watched freeview TV last night and did Pilates on the floor = workout, zero costDrank coffee at home, no milk= around 15 cents a cup made with ground coffeeChecked the real estate guide and looked at more houses I can not afford.  One of these days, that situation will change.  I try and keep my eye on where things are trending and what is selling etc.Noted that rent seems to be getting cheaper in rural areas and hopefully house prices…

Smokin' hot back pain with a venegence

After forgetting I had arthritis last week the pain has revisited and really let me know that I have a spine that is less than perfect.  I've been walking and swimming but it's not substitute for doing exercises and flexing the spine regularly.  Weight training was thrown into the mix and while it's good for general strength and muscle tone, it's still no substitute for getting on the floor and putting my back through it's paces.

Last night, I made myself do a few minutes of not so gentle Pilates exercises and a few physio stretches thrown in to the mix.  Was I sore?  Oh yes, very.  I'm still a little sore and headache ridden but beginning to get there.  More Pilates while watching something on television tonight!

Heat definitely makes a difference to the type of arthritis I have in my spine so I often spend time at night with a hot water bottle on the back of chairs, even in summer.  Hot baths help when it's less generally spine pain and more like all ove…

A summer Christmas

A beautiful, sunny day in Hobart after a windy night which dried my washing drip drying in the wind.  I've already placed another load outside to dry fast in the sunshine.

I'm listening to Spotify music on my smart phone and finishing my second cup of coffee in my pink mug received a few Christmases ago.

I forget that I can stream music now with unlimited broadband, at the moment there is the odd commercial because I am not paying premium.  I will pay for the service if I use it more.  The cafe chill song mix was making me feel a little blue, so I've changed to one of their Christmas channels.

I started the day woken by The Head Gardener in an unusually chatty mood (for the hour) while I was under-caffeinated for the conversation.  After a minute I was a little more lucid.  I'll tell you what woke me up, having to report an incident to police.  Honestly, that will get the adrenaline going. Other people turn a blind eye but my concerns were definitely worth getting the…

Today, for the beach shack #7

Today, I saved for my shack by:

Finished Christmas present buying.  I keep it to a select few and usually have an extra few for occasional acts of random gift buying. While buying small things for Christmas, I also bought some groceries and stocked up on basics.  I did buy the odd treat but kept things pretty simple.  I bought some Ceylon grade tea to get us all through the Christmas season.My mum's phone decided to stop working.  I switched it on and off and it decided to co-operate.  Unfortunately, Mum bought a phone whose technology was redundant at purchase.  Mum needs an upgrade but will refuse until it completely stops working.My computer refused to switch on, and I was resigned to likely needing to a buy a new one. My solutions included:  a keyboard for an iPad; a new notebook ; use Mum's computer temporarily.  Thankfully, the notebook turned out to just need a thirty second press of the power button, and updates installed, and it's a good as new.  I had problems whe…

Like lemmings

Oh dear, is it just me, or did I wake up today and sentiment is following what I have been saying for quite some time.  It makes for some entertaining, possibly depressing if you have had your head in the sand like an emu and are not prepared, reading.

Let me see:

'The recession we're already in' by ABC business reporter David Taylor:  'The day the Australian economy ran out of luck' by The Guardian's Greg Jericho written a few days ago, after a dip in GDP: you check, after I publish this in a few minutes, you will find the article headlining The Age online 'Drop in consumer confidence "raises concern" ' An understated headline if ever I saw it, published minutes ago.Headlines in the business section of the SMH online include 'CBA lifts…

Dear Politicians, I saved today

Today, in order to remain solvent (any politicians or public servants reading this, may learn something) I:

went to the library for free books (cut libraries and there will be such a political back lash from my family, it will be called "political whip lash")watered the garden because tomorrow is a high fire danger day and food in the garden is less time spent at the super maketdid not buy a house and pay rent at home (waiting for insane prices to go down and fed up with ludicrous rent)wrote a grumpy letter to politicians who are not representing me, or my generations' best interests (you could all do better, rather than allegedly "bludging" on public money)ate frugal food, lots of rice and potato with a little protein, fruit and veg.  Tea and coffee with home brand soy milk  (hardly living the high life)random acts of kindnessdishes and a few other household taskspulled the odd weed while out in the garden/ jungle

In fairness

For those who read my last post. I added this edit to it, in the interests of fairness and accurate reporting.  It seems unlikely that the Treasurer's comments were taken out of context.  I think Tanya's comments as reported below are balanced.

Tanya Plibersek's comments may have been taken out of context by journalists determined to manipulate her point of view.  This at least is hopeful as Labour traditionally supported workers:

Acting Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek agreed there was no excuse for choosing not to work but said most people who are receiving unemployment benefits are desperate to find work. "If someone is rorting, they should have the book thrown at them but let's have a government that's serious about supporting jobs for Australians too," she said.

How many bust retailers does it take to screw an economy? (edited)

The news today that both major Australian parties, according to multiple media outlets, are trying to cut unemployment benefits to those who have a job, and then leave, made me see red.  By that I mean red ink.  I wrote to the relevant ministers, including the Treasurer Scott Morrison and the Acting Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek* and told them what I thought of their proposals.  I also sent copies  it to my local Federal member, Senator Abetz, who I have received intelligent, thoughtful replies from, and will continue to vote for, if he keeps these people, on both sides, in check.

*Edit 12/12/16: Tanya Plibersek's comments may have been taken out of context by journalists determined to manipulate her point of view.  This at least is hopeful as Labour traditionally supported workers: 

Acting Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek agreed there was no excuse for choosing not to work but said most people who are receiving unemployment benefits are desperate to find work. "If someone …

Chemical industry flags recession

The following article and graph are startling in their measures (an opinion piece):

File bankruptcy and move on

This commentator, among others, suggests the only way to fix the debt train is to get off it:

US Property warning

A little confession

Tonight as I write, I am still an aching fatigued version of myself.  I continue to hope that one of these days I will push my body a little and be full of energy the next day.  Today is not the day I find the cure for my Chronic Fatigue/ SEID.  Today is the day I put up with the pain having spent most of the day in bed feeling hit by latent virus.  I am still glad I went swimming yesterday and ate chips, I enjoyed every sunshine filled, water soaked moment.

I am glad too that I painted my nails with clear nail polish and tidied them up.  I spent some of the afternoon curled up on my bed, with 101 Pillows, reading books from the library.  I can not read too much at the moment, but I am grateful for free reading material and free television to watch.

I went fishing for some frugal inspiration for you:

How we cut $10 000 per year from our family budget: hacks by Frugalwoods.  I love thi…

For the beach shack #6

To stay on track today, and save for my beach shack: I did not buy the newspaper or the two packs of chewing gum that would have cost me 6 dollars with negligible benefit.I did spend $20 on a quality multivitamin with a reasonable dose of selenium because there's no point owning a beach shack and falling apart.  Money spent on reasonable health products is good.I went for a swim at a reduced rate due to the short span of time allotted and good manners.  This helps strengthen my body and get my lymph moving while being gentle.I ate a small bag of hot chips for $3 and there's no chance I will put on weight given the literal meaning the shop gave to small.  The chips were exceptionally tasty and I enjoyed every last one.  It's been a while since I have had hot chips.  I left the house in a peeved mood at speed and did not pack enough food, so hot chips and the beach view it was.Made a dinner of fried rice with vegetables; rice; herbs; egg; bacon.  Her Right Royal Gumboots was…

For the beach shack #5

Stayed on track today:

Looked at more houses I could not afford.  Did some research on a couple of properties which gives me critical information if those prices drop.  I'm not competitive in the market at the moment but I am confident that will change.  Reportedly one in five first home buyers can not afford mortgage payments at the moment and most investors are interest only.  A mild interest rate increase and suddenly I am three wishes away from being a buyer they want.Watching Selling NY online for free (well, except for the broadband, I can live without online videos but they are a lovely luxury).  I am sure I will learn something from watching these case studies.  In pain all day.  Drinking herbal teas and took some Arnica which is having a negligible effect. Sometimes Arnica works, and sometimes it's not so effective.  My pain is glandular and acute thanks to Chronic Fatigue, and I find Arnica tends to be less effective with intense pain.  Drinks at home with my Keep Cup…

The R word

Headlines on news websites suggest that our PM and Treasurer do not want to entertain the idea that our next quarter may follow the last financial quarter and place us officially in a recession.  I, along with other more qualified commentators, see the signs of a recession all around me.  As much as I respect political leaders' trying to protect the economy by waiting and seeing, I think in this case it would be smarter to admit likelihood of a recession is an almost certainty unless the government wants to spend us out and further a property bubble.  Better to go through short term pain and return the economy to a stable period again.
I suspect that behind closed doors our leaders are well aware that the economic news is not all gold. If it were, they would not have been warning against debt, for the last few months.  I have no doubt that they are capable of responding to a recession.  It would be naive to expect the good times to continue to roll.
If we expect a recession, and I…

For the beach shack #4

Things I did to stay within my budget and aim to save towards a tiny cottage or a beach shack:

Looked at houses, and did some research on a beach shack.  The tiny house is not appropriate but I have the satisfaction of doing something towards my goal.  Showed Her Right Royal Gumboots (my mum) another tiny house but as I suspected, it's ready to be demolished and too price-y given it's state.Drank herbal tea with herbs picked from the gardenMade and ate beans and rice for breakfast (no baked beans so I had to make do with podding fresh beans from the garden)Made and had a lunch of vegetarian curry rice and an egg with leftovers and herbs from the garden.Made a dinner of egg, bacon and vegetables with greens from the garden.  Mum made a fruit salad for dessert.Did two loads of washing up of dishes and a couple of minor cleansWent for a walk and chatted to friendly people I have met in the area.  There are some that put me off walking, but the kind keep me plodding the area and he…

For my beach shack #3

For my beach shack, today:

I went for a walk and did ten minutes of free weight exercises.  Sweat pouring down my back, cost minimal.  Solved the problem of how to exercise and lug a five inch phone around with me.  I kept on umm-ing and ah-ing about buying a proper exercise case for the last twelve months.  Today, I discovered that a safety pin was all I needed to keep my phone in my jacket pocket while I went for a walk/ mild jog.  Cost, nothing, I commandeered my mum's safety pin (it was sitting around looking unloved).  Still, what's a safety pin cost? A quick search online show about $3 for a pack of sixty from the stationary shop.Ate leftovers for brunch and dinner.Made my own herbal infusions from garden herbs at home.  Drank home made coffee and tea.I'm about to place my clothes outside to air dry on the clothes line.Will do a spot of house keeping in a minute.Adding a dose of l-glutamine in my herbal drink to help with muscle recovery and chronic fatigue.Added a li…

For the beach shack #2

Today, to keep focusing on my goal to own a beach shack, or a cosy cottage in the middle of the city, I:

Went to the dentist.  Prevention is better than cure and my health fund will pay back a generous chunk.  I have to go again closer to Christmas which will take away any temptation for Christmas candy.Have been told I have to wear a mouthguard at night to keep my teeth in better condition than they would be.  This will save me money by making me unattractive to the opposite sex, saving on dating!  Ha!  It's not that bad actually.  Clear and only to be worn while sleeping.  I'm sure I can sometimes skip it, but lately I've been skipping it all the time.  Naughty.Thinking about getting a fake tooth and then saving up for another one.  A couple of my adult teeth have not developed at all and it makes me feel mildly self conscious, and I am concerned my mouth will crowd, or my bone deteriorate, if I do nothing.  I honestly do not know what to do.  It's a cost of $6000 plu…

Useless University?

Experts call for higher loan fees for higher education.  Meanwhile, graduate employment rates are at their lowest since the early nineties.  Higher unemployment of graduates is being attributed to their inability to be job ready.  Not a good sign:

Saving for my beach shack

This week, I kept saving up for my shack/ house:

by getting some exercise for minimal dollars - walked to the shopby walking to the shop, kept my petrol consumption lowwent to the library to read papers and borrow booksdrank herbal tea and coffee made at home entertained myself by readingate all meals at home met people over coffeeentertained myself by spending time with young childrenchecked my bank account to make sure I was on trackplaced money in savingsbought vitamins to ensure I stay on track health wise and avoid unnecessary appointmentsstayed in touch with friends via email/ phone

Smurf (Blue) feet

I was wafting my feet about while talking to The Head Gardener (my mum) when she asked me why they were blue.  To which I replied, well, I must need a little more thyroid medication.  Now, I am over the worst of the flu hopefully I can find just the right dose again so my feet do not go blue (within the limits the doctor told me)!  I've been taking less due to fevers from flu (did not feel cold) and I have been putting water weight on again, so I need a little more.

Today, I was still quite tired from all the medical dramas.  I spent most of the morning reading an addictive book, "Road to Rouen" by Ben Hatch.  It has all the hallmarks of a good book: a beginning that reeled me in; funny scenes; family drama; an adventure.  It's all about Ben and his family's trip around France, his family, travel and their financial stretches.  I cried too when he related about family grief.  It's such a good book, get off this blog and read it now!

Anyway, after the addictiv…

Chamomile searching for calm

A few hours ago, I was trying to talk to The Head Gardener, who stonewalled me, and told me to not bring up problems because she wanted to relax.  I may have muttered down the stairs but I found a book and lost myself in it.

An hour or two later and I was asked my medical opinion on something, to which I replied with emphasis a four letter word.  The use of the word, while an accurate opinion, did not go down particularly well.  There were other potential problems but I can only deal with enough today.  Now, I'm no longer quite so calm, having reassured my mum and got her calm.

I will be calm again shortly.  I am drinking a big mug of chamomile tea, have a tea light flickering in the back ground and will go looking for a comedy or a business program to switch my brain to other things.

I have had an active day making sure other injured family members were reasonably supported.  Sometimes it's hard to get the right balance but I did my best.  There have been other stresses and…