Today, I slept in as I went to sleep late last night after a relatively minor medical emergency that managed to effectively take up the entire night.  It's at times like that that I am glad that I am staying on track with money management and looking after myself overall.  I could do with losing a few kilograms but the flu really made exercise difficult and it will not be long before I get the weight off.

Today has been a bit of blur.  I did make sure my room was fairly clean and tidy when I went out for a couple of hours.  It was nice to come back to a fairly organised and clean environment.  Things are easy to get in a muddle when you are a snot ridden monster, or when there's a medical issue to deal with.

What else did I do?  I placed a few loads of washing on the line, and now they are all rinsed by the rain.  Hopefully it will fine up tomorrow.  I quite like the look of the world when it's been wet.  It's not nice walking home in the rain, or driving in.

I made another perfect pot of tea and pulled faces while I drank it with almond milk.  Given the choice, if you can not drink normal milk, soy milk is my preference with tea.  I really enjoy almond milk with coffee though.  I find the nutty flavor enhances chocolate notes in a quality blend of coffee.

I keep on looking at houses but it seems unlikely I will purchase any time soon in what is currently a highly excited market.  Still, I shall keep my finger on the pulse.  I've been watching Selling Houses Australia online to keep my inspired.  I can always learn something new from experts.  I can afford to wait and that's not a bad place to be.  Keeping my stuff in a small space rids me of the temptation to spend money on too many non-essentials.

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