Little treats

At the moment, I am aiming to save around 60 per cent of my income.  Due to medical and dental expenses and other necessities, I do not always achieve my goal.  I try and keep my expenses in check.

Sometimes, like today, I get a little disheartened at time and sacrifice involved in trying to save for a new to me car and a small abode.  With house prices going up, on what seems a daily basis, I get a little frustrated and question my determination to try and avoid a mortgage.  Fear of missing out hits me even when the statistics actually show a slight slowing in the real estate market.

While looking for support to stay the course and talking to Her Right Royal Gumboots (my mum) I made a fly away comment about how I really do not need many treats.  Ever since, I am reminded of the little things that keep me largely on track with my saving, or non-spending, plan.

Little treats for less:

  • I've written about it before.  My Keep Cup (plastic because I am clumsy - non toxic and recyclable, dishwasher safe) keeps me away from cafes and feels like a treat every time I use it because it looks like a cafe style cup.
  • When out an about, the occasional 80 cent take away coffee from the local service station 
  • Herbal teas which can be beneficial and a treat
  • The occasional newspaper
  • Chewing gum
  • Oranges - I know it's fruit but it's not always cheap but they always feel like a treat particularly when flu ridden
  • Nice mugs - sometimes I buy a 50 cent mug second hand.  At the moment my savings strategy actually includes avoiding second hand shopping as I have enough and trying to wash out moth ball smell is not to be recommended
  • Nail polish.  My nails are in need of attention
  • Baths if you are lucky to live in a house with one
  • Candles
  • Flavored black teas as a treat.
There.  Little things can keep me on track.

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