Land in my lap

Had one cup of coffee on my way to a house overlooking the water. Passed an ambulance on the way there, and on the way back, proving that my day is going well, all things considered.  A second ambulance had lights flashing on the way back to Kingborough and onto my second coffee which cost me the princely sum of 80 cents.  If I confess all my financial sins, I also bought a small bag of fattening but satisfying potato crisps on special and a news paper.  At this rate, I will enjoy myself on the way to buying a shack (hopefully).

Unfortunately, the water view was about the only thing ticked on my list and not made up for by no privacy, a high price point and poor property condition.  Those real estate pictures really are very deceptive.  My parents renovations and house building will no doubt save me from making dumb decisions but it's a little frustrating being reasonably risk averse. 

The really annoying thing is that someone else will probably buy the property and never flag any of the issues I did walking around.  At the moment listings are down and pickings are slim in areas reasonably close to services with low risk.  Hopefully, land and house prices may reduce and I can build myself a shack.  I am proactively looking but in no rush. 

My mum accused me of being unnecessarily worried but I am just trying to be sensible and look at what is around.  No point complaining I can not find a property while sitting on my bottom waiting for one to waft past and land in my lap.

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