Knocked my humor over

A big mug of chamomile and licorice tea in my travel mug and I can avoid the local cafe.  It's easier and cheaper generally to make my own.  Herbal tea made my myself is particularly handy as no cafes are open at this hour.

I started my day in a foul mood due to neighbor noise and took most of the day trying to find my sense of humor.  Cleaning , and talking, did not help so I went out of the house before I made everyone as grumpy as me.  I found it while bashing out my mood in the local swimming pool which also cooled me down.

It was boiling hot in my old, safe and neat car.  Such was the heat I nearly drove to the nearest dealership and bought another one with an air-conditioner that works.  My air-conditioner just blows air at me and sorely needs fixing but I am scared that if I fix that, I will have to fix other things and spend a fortune.  My car is very safe but has the comfort and aesthetics of a tank with a luxury suspension kit.

I'm hoping the chamomile will send me to sleep and the licorice will continue to knock this flu.  I nearly lost my voice today. and I feel like I'm over the worst of it!  

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