Goldilocks property spruiker

The good news, as I see it, is that in twenty years, assuming I keep on saving, I can afford a unit in the over fifties village close to my parents.  That would place my parents in their eighties, and still, optimistically winning the war on weeds in their respective gardens.

In the meantime hope is almost extinguished by investor activity.  I am thoroughly exasperated with the multiple indignities of expensive land, expensive rent and insane prices on old houses.  I would give up but I hardly see the point.

I only need a little hope, a splash of opportunity, and time, and hopefully I will get there.  I do want a view of the water and a sun-drenched, semi private garden (quite happy with small).  I'll make quite a few compromises to get what I want.  All I want for Christmas is some highly motivated vendors in the right spot, for the right price.

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