Our spring has gone unseasonably cold and overcast and as a result I have a mild case of the winter miseries.  To shake myself out of it, I went to the library and took out some books.  The library's layout has been changed so I tried to walk into the door that is now the exit.  Old habits are hard to shake.

I had to get some more vitamin c to at least help manage the chronic fatigue and get my body a little stronger after the flu hit it like a four by two (a solid piece of wood used in housing construction - Australian idiosyncratic saying).  Thankfully, the pharmacy assistant was in a good, and helpful mood, and that helped too.  It was nice to offered help and a quick conversation.

Then I was still feeling a little down, due in part to chronic fatigue rearing it's head too, so I went for a wander along the beach.  I was walking along when my brain said to me, "fruit tree".  After a few minutes of foraging, I now have some tiny plums which will soon ripen.  Free fruit for a few minutes work.  I left plenty for other people to gather.  This went some way to cheering me up.

The truth is, I quite like the cooler weather now I have my thyroid a little balanced.  I just woke up feeling very unwell and the clouds reflected my mood.  We had a heat wave last week and I was decidedly snappy and overheated.  Still, I would have thought my mood would have improved more easily but that's moods for you, sometimes best tackled head on, or ignored until they pass.

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