Emergency gardening

Today I, helped Her Right Royal Gumboots (my mum) do some weeding in the garden.  I was harrumphing quite a bit, as I wanted those weeds gone promptly.  No one wants malingering weeds.  HRRG did comment on my grunting but she did seem pleasantly surprised at the space I left for her to plant potatoes, or something else, in case of emergency.

Then, after I'd spent a little while entertaining myself looking at houses I can not afford, much to Her Gumboots' surprise, I did a hour, or so, of solid house work.  As I said, it was getting a little depressing and it was not going to do itself.  I'm not sure Her Gumboots was expecting that either (not that I never do house work, just the flu has stopped me from doing much lately).  I do love clean stairs.

Her Gumboots has been getting me to make her pots of tea because somehow, after decades of training and announcing the results as "dishwater" I seem to be making a consistently good cup of tea.  I have no idea what the trick is. I think the trick is a good quantity of tea, hot water and a very good stir.

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