Christmas for less #2

After writing the previous post on Christmas for less, I am feeling a little more inspired to come up with other ideas for people strapped for cash.

Ways to celebrate Christmas for a dollar, or so:

  1. A Christmas play: if you have young children, encourage them to create a play and perform it 
  2. Carol singing: you can go to a local council, or Church Carol service 
  3. Decorate: decorate your house with paper, old magazines, craft supplies and lots of imagination.  A good activity for Children during school holidays
  4. Borrow a Christmas themed movie from the library
  5. Borrow Christmas CDs 
  6. Play Christmas music
  7. Set up a fake fire and decorate it, or decorate your hearth if you have one at home (like this one:    )
  8. Fairy lights: so cool!
  9. Volunteer and brighten up someone else's Christmas like these people:
  10. Read Little Women and other traditional stories which inspire us all to live on less
  11. Make yourselves each a cup of cocoa, turn off the lights, light some candles and talk without distractions
  12. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon to your coffee

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