Christmas for a dollar or so

A few days ago, the weather was over cast and cold for Spring time.  I had spent the day before having a bit of a house clean because things had got out of hand.

I needed cheering up and I had an idea to do a few angels to hang up for Christmas.  Somehow this ended up being hours of work making paper chains out of very cheerful paper I had stashed away and paper art angels using a template.

The living area now looks really cheerful and as the paper was on special, and the craft stuff was mainly gifts (though minimal cost), I spent around a dollar total on decorating the lounge.  I also may make some stars at a later date for another room.

Last year, I spoke to a mother who was financially struggling a little bit, and said that she was planning nothing for Christmas.  Had the reason been that she did not celebrate by buying presents I would understand.  Alternatively, that she did not celebrate Christmas because of religious reasons.

The reasons this lady did not celebrate Christmas was because of a lack of money.  With a bit of time though, and major effort, it's possible for most people to do something fun towards Christmas.  I admit, I do get a dose of the bah humbugs at Christmas, but a little fun for children is worth it, particularly if money is tight.  

I just found it a bit miserable that there was no effort to at least decorate the house and get the kids involved and then find a cost effective way to have fun, maybe rent a Christmas movie from the library and make some pop-corn.  A bit of creativity and imagination, major effort and little cost and children can have a Christmas celebration to keep in their memories forever.

I will be spending more than a dollar on Christmas this year but it's nice to know what I can do with little.

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