A potato sandwich and a cup of tea

Today, I planted some onions, weeded and cleaned pots for more plants.  All that, takes a surprising amount of effort so I had a gluten free potato sandwich with greens fresh from the garden, a little olive oil (instead of cheese - how I miss cheese!), smear of chutney, nasturtium flowers, salt and pepper and an egg for enough protein.  A cup of tea and a potato sandwich was last nights dinner.  It would have been a regular for war time eaters in the UK, and the egg I ate today would be a rare luxury.

It's simple food and a potato sandwich really is incredibly filling.  I microwaved the spuds but they can be cooked any old how.  They are remarkably robust, are spuds.  I personally love them as deep fried chips every now and then.  These spuds are new potatoes so are best quickly cooked and have a wonderful flavor due to their freshness, best eaten simply.

Then for dinner, for a bit of variety, fried potato with bacon, a little veg and egg for an omelette. Served with greens from the garden.  The bacon definitely made this dish.  I was still full from my lunch of potato and bread though.

Humble food, sunshine and a peaceful day = happiness

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