World gone to the dogs

Few things annoy me more than people that moan about a situation they have the power to change, the time and energy to changes, and refuse to do anything but complain.  Everyone has a bit of a moan but defeatism in healthy middle aged people who only need to call for help, or talk to their local council or find a service, designed to help them, drives me a little loopy.  I expect more from my slightly older community members.  I expect them to act like responsible adults but this is becoming something that is unfashionable.

I'm all for doing my bit in the world.  I'm only one person.  This week, while unwell, I was forced to do something about a local crime issue because all my seniors who already knew there was a problem decided that doing nothing would be effective.  I, after being placed in danger, thanks to their scant regard for anyone other than themselves, spoke to the police who assured me they would get right on it.

My concern was for other people less able to look after themselves,  That being said, I was quite vulnerable at the time and my vulnerability was increased by the inaction of others.  I regularly see a saying on social media about how much better life would be if childhood continued forever and how exhausting it is to be an adult.  I think people forget how much more we can achieve and what a contribution we can make to others lives by acting responsibly, by having a duty of care, by doing our bit.

If your corner of the world has "gone to the dogs" and you did nothing about it, then you are culpable for what happens.  Light always drives away the darkness and it is constant work.

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