What Marmite shortage? Make it yourself

According to this article in The Guardian online:
the UK is apparently experiencing a shortage of goods including the iconic Marmite which is a brand name for a type of yeast spread.  Other branded products distributed by Unilever are under price pressure with the reduction of the pound.
Why some commentators are blaming this on Brexit I do not know.  Britian's pound could have gone down regardless of the Brexit vote, particularly as Britain was already experiencing austerity measures, retail bankruptcies and job losses prior to the vote.  I personally blame it on the economically sensible what-goes-up-will-at-some-point-go-down but I'm certain that this is lacking in most economy circles they are scared to offend upwardly mobile types with optimism biases.

I have not tried this myself, but I had to find out if it's possible to make a yeast spread yourself, and internet searching came up gold:


Vegemite is the brand name for another brewer yeast spread and here are some recipes inspired by it-

a gluten free spread which is trying to mimicry vegemite but has no brewers yeast in it:

I'm not sure you will learn much from this, other than to be careful, but the posts are entertaining:
Best to experiment with yeast extracts outside by the sound of things!

I tend to disagree that Miso is the new Vegemite.  However, as a Coeliac I can not longer eat Vegemite so I guess Miso is another way to enjoy savoury toast (well, I need to cook some bread first!):


I am sure if I could be bothered that I could make my own yeast extract spread but things are not quite grim enough here.  Yet.

Disclaimer: make at your own risk.  Paying another ten percent for Marmite may be the best way around this particular crisis/shortage/ problem.

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