Tiny land patch

I feel like giving up on the insanity that is Tasmanian housing.  You too can buy a dump, or at least a house near a dump, for a billionity dollars, or so.  I am less than excited by this prospect, particularly as I do not have a billionity dollars.  That, and I do not need, or really want much.

I am looking for:

  • peace and quiet
  • light
  • privacy
  • sunshine
  • a well insulated, easy to cool and warm, place
I was watching HGTV Tiny Homes real estate program with envy last night.  While I have no doubt, with help, a Tiny Home could be built, I'm not sure where I'd keep it.  Still, I am going to consider it.  Have I moved out of home, if I build a tiny one, in the back yard?  I'd have to get permission and it does kind of defeat the purpose.  Land it stupid expensive too!

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