The crisp city air

Today, much to my delight, I managed to walk around the Hobart city.  To be honest, our "city" while lovely, and at times surprisingly hectic, would amuse people with the description of city.  It is deceptive though, with all the one way streets and commuters, it really must be a nightmare at times for visitors.  Things traditionally get busy from November to April with visitors and interstate house hunters.  Often these house hunters tell me that there "is nothing here to do" and I am always bemused by this statement.  Surely you should check that a place has the things you want before you move there.  I really do not know what we lack, not enough shops?

It was so lovely to manage a walk today and a brisk one at that.  My peers used to wonder how I was (past tense !) so skinny and I realised that at least some of that was down to brisk city walking.  I do love myself some city walking even if no one is selling watches due to a public holiday.

As well as getting some city air to cleanse my lungs, and breathing in the smell of a hundred fresh coffees when I walked past the local cafe, I decided to drive to New Town for a different place to shop.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Kmart store was stocked with many things I wanted for summer.  I planned on buying a couple of things and walked out with ten but I needed some more tops for summer.  As my last experience at the op shop was a bit of a disaster I decided spending about the same amount on new clothes was a very good thing!

I think I may have shared this article before but it's such an inspiring story it bears sharing again-

1) How one family got ahead by selling their house at a loss and building another smaller home:

2) Would you live in a second hand Airstream?

3) Own your stuff and your life, or one day you might wake up and realise that it owns you:

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