Peace and quiet in the city

Today, in order to buy a watch so I can tell the time like a vaguely intelligent human, and so I feel properly dressed, I went to the city again.  I've not been able to get a car place on the ground level in the council car park in at least fifteen years, particularly this close to Christmas.

It was raining cats and dogs and perhaps the quiet had more to do with collective sanity than collective financial stress.  I find that hard to believe given that retail theory traditionally states that people like to shop when it's cold so they stay warm in store.

I did find a lovely watch for less.  Had I not shopped around and found an independent store I would have paid far to much for what is effectively the same watch.  It was a relief to have an intelligent conversation with someone and decent service after being ignored in other stores, or frankly having decidedly unsanitary behavior before handling a watch (eek!).  Talk about securing future bankruptcy.

Youth unemployment is reportedly around twenty per cent in Tasmania, unfortunately for young people, I expect things to much worse before they get better.  If you let it, it will teach you skills and budgeting like a ninja.  Please find a way to get through the tough times  (running up and down hills is cheap if your body is capable of training up and down hills, walking at the beach is more gentle and better if your body is more uncooperative).  Use the time but lack of money to look for work, learn new skills, find some hobbies, join a volunteer organisation you care about.  I realize that these all require some money to do.  It's amazing how little it's possible to survive on assuming reasonable support from family and social services, and reasonable good health, in a pinch.

I think it is naive to expect a recession to only affect young people.  To an extent it's incredibly arrogant for cuts to only be made to youth programs.  If things get tough then cuts should be made to those of all ages who can reasonably easily look after themselves.  The idea that older people are poor and vulnerable and in need of constant help is silly.  It's time that all generations were required to be more willing to pay their way if they can while providing reasonable protections for housing and some savings.  The burden of recession and financial depression should never be placed just on young people as it so often has in the last twenty years.

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