Mid week reading picks: Do you have 1.7 trillion dollars hidden in your sofa?

1)  Finance reading: I just need 1.7 trillion dollars...the debt bubble that is China is looking increasingly shaky and they could take us with them.

China hopes they can find 1.7 trillion dollars.  Allowing bankruptcies are among measures being considered to help reduce risk to banks.  At 250 % of GDP I struggle to see how they will avoid bank failures, and mass bankruptcies, as well as reducing value of housing.  Before anyone gets too confident that we can avoid the problems in China, remember that our ability to mortgage ourselves to the hilt, is in part at the pleasure of Chinese banks lending us money.



2)  I Can't Believe...We Are Not Keeping Up with the Jones's

If having a mortgage is getting you down, perhaps you could live in a caravan like this young family. I'm not advocating this life style however I do admire families that find another way to survive other than the insane debt levels that young families are expected to have, or the high rents that they often pay:

Viewpoint: How life in a caravan set us free - BBC News


3) Find your inner snail (you get there eventually and have a home wherever you go) with this modular house.  At this stage, this home wherever you go is only available in Estonia.  Still, it's inspiring and classy:


4)  A brick laying robot?

At the moment, building a brick veneer, or double brick house, while thermally efficient and good looking, is prohibitively expensive for those watching their budget.  Would a brick laying robot be a cost efficient way to get that home made feeling?  It's not good news for brick layers, this robot looks seriously impressive:


Disclaimer: the above is for entertainment purposes only.  Those seeking professional advice should seek out appropriately qualified people.

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