How to be a writer

Clearly I'm doing something appealing on this blog, in the last twenty four hours I have had record hits on my blog.  If you are wondering whether it's all gone to my head, or more appropriately, to my ego, well, no.  I've honestly been scratching my head and trying to figure out what people want from me but in my experience that's not the best way to write.  While it's important to focus on the person reading, and while this writing is somewhat therapeutic for me, I'm generally writing without a plan.

I've done writing on other platforms and in multiple fields professionally and half the trick is to not try too hard.  Yet, I know there's a skill to capturing a writer's voice, and the skill seems only to be procured by way of a regular bollocking by someone more skilled, by being a reader, there's a need for a little talent (it's actually essential) and the rest is sweat equity in hard work and practice.

Opportunistic types have asked me how to become a writer and as ever it's that old gem of ninety-nine percent work and one percent talent.  Mainly, you have to write and be willing to get criticized a lot.  Actually, the criticism will drive you to run up and down hills.  There's little point in drinking and losing those brain cells, now is there!

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