Her Right Royal Gumboots

Firstly, let me acknowledge my readers in the US and other places going through a particularly bad time with the hurricane hitting their shores.  I'm sorry to hear that you, and the people of Haiti have lost so much.

After acknowledging the horrendous news of the hurricane, it seems a little pathetic if I allow myself a little whinge.  Particularly after I told the Head Gardener to quit complaining about an admittedly less than fun household task earlier.  I wanted to get it done and turn of the part of brain that would rather not continue to complete the task.  Her Right Royal Gumboots (a new way to describe my mum, I think it's perfect) was busy complaining that shelling soaked almonds is a rubbish job and to remind herself to never, ever, decide to add shelled almonds to a cake unless I am around and, most importantly, in a co-operative mood.

Somehow, explaining my absence from my blog as a combination of being hit by the chronic fatigue big time and spending time helping someone else out and doing random acts of kindness seems insufficient as an explanation even if it's true.

I guess the only other option then is to be grateful to be alive, safe and fighting chronic fatigue.  As if to hammer home the message a fire truck just went screaming past to an address a kilometre or so away.

If you feel like reading an article giving people with thyroid disease hope (Graves & Hashimoto's) this is worth reading. I do not know whether iodine and magnesium are the answers to my issues by I used them to quiet the chronic fatigue the last few days:

The Safe and Effective Implementation of Orthoiodosupplementation In Medical Practice, Guy. E. Abraham M.D. http://www.optimox.com/iodine-study-5 -- shared by Browser

For medical treatment and advice seek assistance from a medical professional/s.

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