Did not buy a house near a dump!

I rarely get quick feedback from the world that I have made a well thought out decision.  Often I wonder for years whether I have been too cautious and too risk adverse.  That being said, I have proven time, and again, that rather than moan about my life, I tend to be willing to put in effort and make sacrifices (risk) in the hope life improves.  More often that not, life turns out entirely differently anyway.

It was with relief that I discovered that the c-cell waste dump for Copping/Carlton River is going ahead.  At least I know I did the right thing for myself in doing a risk and benefit analysis.  My rule of sitting on any kind of contract, born of being threatened with a law suit (which never went near a court because there was no case), paid off by helping me research the area more thoroughly.

I might not own property but I also do not own a property likely to be high risk and potentially low to no return.  Better to own nothing than a house on a flood plain, or next door to a dump.

I took HRRG (Her Right Royal Gumboots) down the road for a walk to look at an over-priced, depressed unit, I could make an offer on.  For my mental and financial health, I will wait and find something I like.

In my experience, it pays to take your time making big decisions and look for worst case scenarios wherever you buy.

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