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Epstein Barr Virus help

I've spent the day in bed with pain and primarily fatigue due to recurrent Epstein Barr Virus / Chronic fatigue.  For those of you going through this painful condition, perhaps this article may help.  I have tried all these supplements and can confirm at times they have helped deal with symptom management but never found them to be a cure.  I wish I could find that for us all.

For medical advice please talk to a medical doctor or other relevant medical professional.

The week just gone

In the last week I've had a mix of chronic fatigue filled days like today that make movement an exercise in pain management.  Other days like yesterday spent moving about in the sunshine and enjoying my day almost make crashes like today worth while.

I just did a quick five minute spruce up of my surrounds to keep gloom at bay and spent some time in the sunshine catching up on local news and drinking coffee.  I know it's hard to imagine for most people but my glandular pain and general fatigue has been so bad it's taken most of the day to finally get myself something to eat.  At the moment I am grateful that my fatigue is not stopping me from indulging in baths, sunshine and beautiful china tea cups.

As I type, I am looking at some beautiful tropical pink flowers that I picked fresh from the garden.  The foliage to go with it has a similarly summery structure.  My toe nails are painted a similarly lurid pink which cheers me up every time I look at them.

Yesterday, I sped …

WHO: being single=infertility

According to this report the WHO (World Health Organisation) wants to redefine infertility to mean being single regardless of a persons ability to be fertile.  The inherent lack of a partner is what they want to base the definition of infertility on.  If they get their way they are likely to redefine being single as a disability.

Where do I start with that?

Plenty of single mothers prove that being single/unmarried does not stop people from being fertile.  Ditto single fathers (it does take two).Being single is not a disability.  It can be a pain, and people like to see how much of a doormat you might want to be, but it's not a disability.An inability to find someone to have fun with does not make you infertile but it might keep you single (maybe you want to stay single and that's all good).Trying to redefine being single as a disability is an insult to all people in chronic pain or limited due to health conditionsThis is insulting to people struggling with medically diagnosed…

First home buyers play hide and seek

The lowest proportion of first home buyers active in the real estate market in Australia since 2004 according to this article:

Mentally tough? Ask a marine

Peace and quiet in the city

Today, in order to buy a watch so I can tell the time like a vaguely intelligent human, and so I feel properly dressed, I went to the city again.  I've not been able to get a car place on the ground level in the council car park in at least fifteen years, particularly this close to Christmas.

It was raining cats and dogs and perhaps the quiet had more to do with collective sanity than collective financial stress.  I find that hard to believe given that retail theory traditionally states that people like to shop when it's cold so they stay warm in store.

I did find a lovely watch for less.  Had I not shopped around and found an independent store I would have paid far to much for what is effectively the same watch.  It was a relief to have an intelligent conversation with someone and decent service after being ignored in other stores, or frankly having decidedly unsanitary behavior before handling a watch (eek!).  Talk about securing future bankruptcy.

Youth unemployment is rep…

Weight training for osteoporosis

A news story came up on my newsfeed about bone density medication.  Many people report side effects of these medications, whereas weight bearing exercise including doing weight based exercise has the side effect of reversing bone loss according to these articles including one from the National Osteoporosis Foundation:

Stupidity & Equality?

A well thought out piece worth considering and thinking about regarding domestic violence and the current push for equality in so many circles:

Peak housing and consumerism?

Ah yes, the finance news is not exactly a ring of endorsement for those who believe that things can only get better.  I do hope I am wrong about the state of the economy, as well as Moodys and Morgan Stanley.  I find that improbable at best.

Morgan Stanley forecasts job losses in the region of 200, 000 in construction and allied businesses with peak housing having been had, and gone, in Australia.

Nestle cuts sales outlook with sales growth the weakest in a decade.  It seems that times are tough but Nestle are still making sales and profits.  The days of continued growth look set to change.  If I was a stock market investor (and I am not willing to take the risk at the moment) I would be looking at their stock with view to invest in the future (I am not affiliated with this company in any way).…

The crisp city air

Today, much to my delight, I managed to walk around the Hobart city.  To be honest, our "city" while lovely, and at times surprisingly hectic, would amuse people with the description of city.  It is deceptive though, with all the one way streets and commuters, it really must be a nightmare at times for visitors.  Things traditionally get busy from November to April with visitors and interstate house hunters.  Often these house hunters tell me that there "is nothing here to do" and I am always bemused by this statement.  Surely you should check that a place has the things you want before you move there.  I really do not know what we lack, not enough shops?

It was so lovely to manage a walk today and a brisk one at that.  My peers used to wonder how I was (past tense !) so skinny and I realised that at least some of that was down to brisk city walking.  I do love myself some city walking even if no one is selling watches due to a public holiday.

As well as getting so…

It's all good! Quick, rush about NOW!!! Don't think, rush about NOW!!!!

Disclaimer: the blog post below is written for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as a serious piece on the state of the economy.  If you learn something from it, the writer takes no responsibility.  Please read with care, snorting your morning coffee all over your electronic devices is not to be recommended.
Let's look at the positive and happy news in finance today, shall we?
1) Rents in Sydney are dropping in some suburbs:
Good news if you are renting like a growing majority of people.  There's also people who can not afford rent anywhere other than with family and who may be able to move out before retirement. 
It's even good news for landlords as you can now sell your investment property and place your money in other places.  As with property investment, the possibilities are endless.
2) Mortgage arrears are…

How to be a writer

Clearly I'm doing something appealing on this blog, in the last twenty four hours I have had record hits on my blog.  If you are wondering whether it's all gone to my head, or more appropriately, to my ego, well, no.  I've honestly been scratching my head and trying to figure out what people want from me but in my experience that's not the best way to write.  While it's important to focus on the person reading, and while this writing is somewhat therapeutic for me, I'm generally writing without a plan.

I've done writing on other platforms and in multiple fields professionally and half the trick is to not try too hard.  Yet, I know there's a skill to capturing a writer's voice, and the skill seems only to be procured by way of a regular bollocking by someone more skilled, by being a reader, there's a need for a little talent (it's actually essential) and the rest is sweat equity in hard work and practice.

Opportunistic types have asked me ho…

Smart man!

I love this, it reminds me of my parents' low cost solutions to problems when I was growing up!

Reuters: Deutsche Bank, 20 000 people likely to lose their jobs

The decline of play and rising mental health issues in children

This is a fascinating article about the importance of unstructured play for children to prevent most mental disorders.  The article makes special mention of children playing with other children with adults making sure they are safe but not intervening in the process as much as is practical.  It's clearly really important for children to interact with the peers.

The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders | Psychology Today -- shared by Browser

Tiny land patch

I feel like giving up on the insanity that is Tasmanian housing.  You too can buy a dump, or at least a house near a dump, for a billionity dollars, or so.  I am less than excited by this prospect, particularly as I do not have a billionity dollars.  That, and I do not need, or really want much.

I am looking for:

peace and quietlightprivacysunshinea well insulated, easy to cool and warm, place I was watching HGTV Tiny Homes real estate program with envy last night.  While I have no doubt, with help, a Tiny Home could be built, I'm not sure where I'd keep it.  Still, I am going to consider it.  Have I moved out of home, if I build a tiny one, in the back yard?  I'd have to get permission and it does kind of defeat the purpose.  Land it stupid expensive too!

When the music stops

I've went out for a few hours yesterday but really did not end up going very far and am fast beginning to loathe shopping though I am due to do some more soon.  Who knows, if I can put it off for a few days, I can do an online shop instead probably.  Given I only need a few things, that's a whole lot of money for little benefit.

The last few days, I have been on walks and when driving have come across some really nasty people.  There's been lovely people too, but the few who abuse me, and are dangerous put me off going out in public to the shops.  In the space of 500m I nearly ran over two people who appeared inebriated and drug dependant.  I was looking at a unit a few days ago and was gobsmacked at the lack of care of nearby properties that the owners no doubt value at 300k AUD.  I valued the area as a total dump in need of explosives (as an improvement!).

Honestly, I can not get over what people are willing to pay for houses and land that's got little to recommend…

Peter pan "syndrome"

Peter pan syndrome: men who refuse to grow up and their parents who allow them to ever remain immature

Just kiss the pound au revoir

I hear that Unilever and Tesco have sorted out their differences and ten days of making Marmite are no longer looking to be a possibility.  My guess is that committed types may put a few jars away in case of another Marmite emergency.

It looks with the devaluation of the Pound Sterling to levels not seen in over 168 years, according to The Guardian, imports are likely to go up in price and suddenly there's more pay off to buying local and making things ourselves.  If there's a good news story in the devaluation of the Pound Sterling it is the potential boost to local industry.  Expect local food to be cheaper and the new smart phones to increase in value dramatically.  Before you know it, everyone will be drinking tea and losing weight because food is expensive.

The Pound Sterling has been devalued before, and will likely be devalued again.  It will go back up once things improve, expect them to get worse before they get better.  Hopefully local housing will get cheaper but th…

What Marmite shortage? Make it yourself

According to this article in The Guardian online:
the UK is apparently experiencing a shortage of goods including the iconic Marmite which is a brand name for a type of yeast spread.  Other branded products distributed by Unilever are under price pressure with the reduction of the pound.
Why some commentators are blaming this on Brexit I do not know.  Britian's pound could have gone down regardless of the Brexit vote, particularly as Britain was already experiencing austerity measures, retail bankruptcies and job losses prior to the vote.  I personally blame it on the economically sensible what-goes-up-will-at-some-point-go-down but I'm certain that this is lacking in most economy circles they are scared to offend upwardly mobile types with optimism biases.

I have not tried this myself, but I had to find out if it's possible to make a yeast spread yourself, and interne…

Did not buy a house near a dump!

I rarely get quick feedback from the world that I have made a well thought out decision.  Often I wonder for years whether I have been too cautious and too risk adverse.  That being said, I have proven time, and again, that rather than moan about my life, I tend to be willing to put in effort and make sacrifices (risk) in the hope life improves.  More often that not, life turns out entirely differently anyway.

It was with relief that I discovered that the c-cell waste dump for Copping/Carlton River is going ahead.  At least I know I did the right thing for myself in doing a risk and benefit analysis.  My rule of sitting on any kind of contract, born of being threatened with a law suit (which never went near a court because there was no case), paid off by helping me research the area more thoroughly.

I might not own property but I also do not own a property likely to be high risk and potentially low to no return.  Better to own nothing than a house on a flood plain, or next door to a …

Understand risk & benefits of medical tests

This is too good to not share:

Too much news and a cuppa tea

I made the mistake of reading far too much news last night which left me depressed, feeling powerless and struggling to find my sense of fun.  This news story today, did make me laugh, and instantly recognize this approach to problem solving in some people I know.

Man spends 11 hours trying to make cup of tea with wi-fi kettle:

I hold grave concerns related to the possible collapse of Deutsche Bank.  I am of the opinion that no bank is so big that failure is impossible.  Market watch has written an opinion piece on the current situation which is worth reading:

Mid week reading picks: Do you have 1.7 trillion dollars hidden in your sofa?

1)  Finance reading: I just need 1.7 trillion dollars...the debt bubble that is China is looking increasingly shaky and they could take us with them.

China hopes they can find 1.7 trillion dollars.  Allowing bankruptcies are among measures being considered to help reduce risk to banks.  At 250 % of GDP I struggle to see how they will avoid bank failures, and mass bankruptcies, as well as reducing value of housing.  Before anyone gets too confident that we can avoid the problems in China, remember that our ability to mortgage ourselves to the hilt, is in part at the pleasure of Chinese banks lending us money.

2)  I Can't Believe...We Are Not Keeping Up with the Jones's

If having a mortgage is getting you down, perhaps you could live in a caravan like this young family. I'm not advocating thi…

Nothing like a 45% loss in the morning

According to the following report in The West Australian some parts of WA have experienced losses in price value of 45% in twelve months.  I have warned people but they continue to "think positive" right up until the bank repossesses their property.  Banks are now reticent to lend with buffers and stress tests of 7.4 per cent.  It seems to me that banks are taking into account the real possibility of a rate rise even if most of the populace are not.

Transgender kindness

Is surgery for people who feel like they are in the wrong body the right answer?  Dr McHugh, former psychiatrist from St John Hopkins does not think so:

Her Right Royal Gumboots

Firstly, let me acknowledge my readers in the US and other places going through a particularly bad time with the hurricane hitting their shores.  I'm sorry to hear that you, and the people of Haiti have lost so much.

After acknowledging the horrendous news of the hurricane, it seems a little pathetic if I allow myself a little whinge.  Particularly after I told the Head Gardener to quit complaining about an admittedly less than fun household task earlier.  I wanted to get it done and turn of the part of brain that would rather not continue to complete the task.  Her Right Royal Gumboots (a new way to describe my mum, I think it's perfect) was busy complaining that shelling soaked almonds is a rubbish job and to remind herself to never, ever, decide to add shelled almonds to a cake unless I am around and, most importantly, in a co-operative mood.

Somehow, explaining my absence from my blog as a combination of being hit by the chronic fatigue big time and spending time helping s…

The average graduate

I've been saying for a while that a demand based, non-capped, university system ruins students whom are the very people it is designed to serve. In a world where it is easier than ever to enter University, it is good for:  University staff by keeping them employed; the government, as it reduces the official unemployment rate; egos of students who would otherwise be pursuing other options.

It's been my observation that students who are easily allowed entrance to University often find themselves unable to keep up with academic rigour found in courses.  The pressure on all educators in both the vocational and higher education fields is to water down the standard of courses to produce more students who can do less.  True professionals are capable, highly skilled, competent and striving to constantly improve.

With the continuation of the demand driven University system all I observe are worse outcomes for students as they are no longer competitive with a degree.  How can you be pro…

World gone to the dogs

Few things annoy me more than people that moan about a situation they have the power to change, the time and energy to changes, and refuse to do anything but complain.  Everyone has a bit of a moan but defeatism in healthy middle aged people who only need to call for help, or talk to their local council or find a service, designed to help them, drives me a little loopy.  I expect more from my slightly older community members.  I expect them to act like responsible adults but this is becoming something that is unfashionable.

I'm all for doing my bit in the world.  I'm only one person.  This week, while unwell, I was forced to do something about a local crime issue because all my seniors who already knew there was a problem decided that doing nothing would be effective.  I, after being placed in danger, thanks to their scant regard for anyone other than themselves, spoke to the police who assured me they would get right on it.

My concern was for other people less able to look a…