Trying to cheer myself up - day 3

Today, I thought I might just be over the worst of this infernal virus, and then of course I sneezed.  Instead of being out and about doing exciting things, to cheer myself up today:

  • Drinking more herbal and green tea drinks to help my body heal
  • Cleaned up around me because mess and depression are so easily intertwined in my experience
  • Followed my advice, did something new, and spend the afternoon learning about selling second hand goods online.  Whether or not I sell anything is another matter.
  • Making healthy dinner as I type. 
  • Stayed at home because I was too weak to go any where and managed to stay as cheerful as you can with a virus making one involuntarily sneeze regularly
  • Put on my skinny jeans and a smile on my dial, lovely and flattering (and stretchy!).
  • Drank coffee and contemplated my navel.

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