Trying to cheer myself up - day 2

I considered taking my flu ridden buttocks on a walk.  Then, I stood up and decided another day of mainly rest was called for.  So, today to cheer myself up:
  • Soaked my blues away in the bath yesterday.  Added some Epsom salts to encourage my body to rid itself of gunk.

  • Found my lock for swimming.  It was where I left it months ago and promptly forgot about.

  • Watched a documentary on Alzheimer's and the importance of a good nights sleep and then struggled to sleep.  Finally managed to get to sleep...they recommend a good eight hours,...six plus is not bad when you've spent the weekend in bed asleep.

  • Managed to get up before this afternoon.  Actually, managed to get up at a reasonable hour, not quite with the birds.

  • I drank green and lemon tea instead of breakfast.  Not out of virtue, just a complete lack of appetite.  My first try of Twinings' Green Tea & Lemon tea bags, that according to the packet is "Vibrant and Zesty".  In my opinion the perfect wake-myself-up.

  • Went outside and picked herbs and fresh vegetables. 

  • For lunch, a bit of bacon, rice and garden fresh vegetables.  The bacon was lost on my taste buds which seem to have gone walk about.  Still, all very healthy.

  • Decided to do the rest thing properly and took a bean bag outside with a cup of tea and soaked up some sun.  Meanwhile, the neighbour decided to put together a deck but I ended up getting enough quiet and sunshine to stop me from stropping inside too much.

  • Looked at houses.  Decided I can wait.  Noticed another bank sale in western suburbs of Hobart (do not like the location and house previously took two years to sell, sold last year, now the bank owns it!  Eek!) and no auction sales this week end in Tasmania - seven scheduled, few in WA (17% clearance rate); 58% clearance rate in Queensland; 40% in NT.  Other states averaged around 80% clearance and healthy sales volumes.  I have moved from fear of missing out, to chilling on a bean bag in the sunshine.  It's much more relaxing and less expensive.

  • Stuck to my spending plan by not spending for a few days.  Being sick makes it easier, I do not want to do anything including shop.  Though, I promised I would avoid ebay which is tempting even when ill and not at my most disciplined

  • Thrilled to discover that I still have a usable razor blade lurking in my luggage.  Due to buy my yearly packet of pink razors. 
Drinking a cup of berry herbal tisane and hoping this virus clears out sooner rather than later!  Tired, aching, and cheerful. 

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