Rain and sunshine

This morning, I rested to help my body recover from the flu.  I think I am largely over it.  My body temperature seems to have returned to normal but my glands are swollen and I am still tired.  Tomorrow I want to go for a gentle walk in the sunshine.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I did get up today and I had a coffee while toasting my toes in the sun.  My grocery shopping was highlighted by a genuinely friendly check out operator.  In fact, I was so impressed that I may go back later in the week to let management know.  It's fast becoming a rarity to get great service.  I notice though, that without question, I get the best service from people who are dedicated to bettering themselves.  There's this weird idea out there, that it's better to have mediocre staff "because they are loyal".  They might be loyal, but they will always be mediocre.  Better to get the best, and watch the cash flow in.  People who are below par annoy me, and get me going to the competitor.  In my experience, the mediocre are often less loyal to boot.

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