Pan cakes for brunch

Today, I made gluten free, dairy free pan cakes for brunch.  Easy to make and light on the stomach, they make a perfect food for recovery from the flu.

I am hopeful that I'm over the worst of it, but my glands are swollen and I'm still aching and sneezing.  I've seriously got cabin fever but I figure it's saving me money as long as I avoid online shopping!  I really want to go for a walk but my body's not up to it.  I have been pottering around the house doing odd jobs to stop myself going too stir crazy.

Anyway, my point was that pan cakes make an easy meal.  It's good to remember simple meals to stay fed and content.

Here's a gluten free recipe to get you going:

For dairy free, just use oil instead of butter, and a non-dairy milk.  I used coconut yogurt in mine and a little coconut, a pinch of sugar and cinnamon.

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