Not so pedestrian after all

So, I went to Bowen Therapy which has really helped my back and body feel better.  You would not know it was healing last night.  My back was black and blue but it's calmed down now.  I'm definitely in less pain which is really such a relief.

After Bowen Therapy I was under strict orders to rest and relax.  I took those orders seriously which probably explains the need for them in the first place!  Somehow I went from relaxing with a herbal tea to a potential medical emergency.

I say potential medical emergency because everything is fine.  I had to call an ambulance to make sure everything is fine though.

^I wrote the above last night and then could write no more.  I needed some time before pressing publish.  Today, I went for a swim and picked up some medicine.  It was so lovely to get back into the pool.  I've been told to focus on relaxing in water and swimming on my back which I am completely out of practice for.

Onto my fourth cup of tea and the search for the beach shack continues.  Well, land by the water...we'll see.

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