Nasty flu strain

Apparently, my local public hospital is struggling with an influx of flu patients.  I'm not surprised as I found myself on the verge of severe dehydration last night.  Thankfully, with sugary ice poles and electrolytes I was able to get my fluids up.  I'm still a little dehydrated today but I think I will be fine.  This is a nasty strain of the flu, my knees have been hurting like I was hit by a baseball for days.

I was so tired last night I almost missed that I was as sick as I was.  It was noticing that I was irritable that made me check the symptoms of dehydration.  That, and I was so very fatigued.  I thought I should check, and then I got on it, and my fatigue has improved.  Mind you, over ten hours of sleep last night!

This is a good guide to dehydration, written by Medical Doctors (hence the md in the title):

If in doubt, call your local emergency department for medical advice.

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