Fluid. Painkillers. Much rest.

I'm will a virus.  I think the worst of it is over.  I've done the fluid, one dose of painkillers, and rest (slept the day away and no exercise).  I've even added in elderberry tea and iodine.  At the moment I am on my second cup of coffee to counteract the gloomy feeling that viruses can cause.  I made myself get up and shower when I woke up this afternoon (lots of sleep).

I will eat something easy to cook tonight and full of vegetables.  My appetite was huge yesterday and it's low today.  I'm sure that balances things out.  Thankfully the body aches have all but gone and I'm hoping this is just painful and over with quickly.  The sneezing and coughing, and eye dripping gave away that this is not a chronic fatigue episode.

It's a pretty cloudy day in Hobart so I guess it's a good time to spend indoors.  I did go outside for a little while to do a chore and drink some coffee.  I'm enjoying slouching around the house in second hand leggings.  Not something I would do if I was in public because they show off all the hill walking that's toned my buttocks.  Really, nothing left to the imagination.  They do make a nice change from walking around in jeans.

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