Enjoy some nectar

I want to title this blog post in a hyperbolic manner as "enjoying evil nectar" but it would likely be lost on readers unless they have a history of my blog.  It may also put off anyone wanting to avoid depressing posts and news.  I sympathise, as for me, there's only so much of the world's evil, and general news, this woman can take per day.

The nectar I refer to is soy milk.  If I were to explain my relationship with soy milk to new readers in social media terms it would be complicated.  Having avoided soy milk religiously for months, due to concerns it would exacerbate my thyroid disease, I am back on the juice.  While I tried to love, or at least put up with other types of milk, and while I had a fling with normal milk that ended in pain, I am quite content to be back to being one of the soy latte set.

I must confess I generally limit my soy milk consumption and keep my use of it to tea and coffee. I've found that if anything avoiding soy in my tea has been detrimental to my weight and made it much harder to manage my blood sugar during the day.  I tend to limit soy and dairy consumption generally to small amounts per day (on average no more than 750ml of milk based products, 250mls milk per day with 40-50gms cheese or soy cheese).

I'm finding that avoiding dairy and adding in soy milk seems to be doing me good so far.  The first cup of tea with soy milk was a little strange tasting but now my palate has adjusted again I'm enjoying my tea.  Unfortunately, for a satisfying cuppa, soy milk beats coconut milk hands down.  This evening I enjoyed a few cups of cocoa (two teaspoons cocoa, mainly hot water and a splash of soy milk) while watching Selling Homes Australia.  I'm afraid I may have to give up this addictive television show because the urge to organize the sellers almost overwhelms me.

According to this article, drinking the odd cup of soy milk laced hot stuff might just be good for me:


Disclaimer: this blog is for entertainment purposes.  For personal nutritional advice please talk to your primary health professional about a referral to a qualified nutritionist.

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