All fun and games

Given past trends, I expect electricity to go up in price over time.  There are many ways to save money on electricity including reasonably regularly updating devices and machines to energy efficient models.  I try and charge my laptop during the day for use later at night when the solar system is not in use.

While I type, I have drunk a hot cup of herbal tea to warm me up and get me ready to bed.  I seem to be going through a night owl/ insomnia phase.  The low cost heater is on to dry out the room as it has been particularly cold lately (only just switched on).

I try to go to bed and put the light off as a general rule but my back is really bad at the moment and sitting up with a hot water bottle gives me comfort.  My low emission lamp is on too and does not seem to add much to the power bill (CFL) though some people tell me LEDs are better for efficient lighting.  Modern CFLs do give a gently light I prefer.

Other than watching power consumption and buying energy efficient devices I think there is something to be said for finding non-electronic ways to entertain ourselves and children at least some of time.  I admit to knowing that an internet addiction would be easy for me.  It's like the library at my finger tips!

Low tech entertainment ideas (saves power, money, and potential to create memories including arguments over board game rules)

  • Talking of the library - go to the library, I need to go but I think I read all their books.  It sounds like I am exaggerating but I have taken to borrowing ebooks which is still electronic but half way there.  Buy books new or second hand.  I like to sometimes buy the newspaper and read it with a cup of coffee.
  • Go for a walk and talk somewhere scenic in the sunshine, or put on a coat if it's not too wet and howling and go for a walk anyway.
  • Go outside and garden, weed, or just sit in a hammock
  • Find a craft you enjoy like painting; drawing; knitting.  It does not have to be perfect, it can just be fun!
  • Go to the park and kick a ball, do beach cricket or throw a frisby
  • Spend some time at the beach and make sandcastles, get your feet in the water
  • Play board games (this may lead to sibling squabbles - anything can though!)
  • Card games or chess (more squabbling potential here)
  • Go swimming - some pools are open at night, make sure children are supervised and learn pool safety
  • Find a local park with gym equipment outside (yes, they exist) or go to a gym
  • Go for a run if you are physically fit enough
There, inspiring?  I hope so!

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