A pedestrian existence

I'm still trying to fight the flu off.  While other people seem to get symptoms and quite sick, they also seem to recover faster than I do.  I'll be the first to admit a little jealousy.  A month fighting the flu bug off is not my idea of fun.

Today, I managed to go for a walk in the beautiful spring sunshine.  I think the morning involved rain but the afternoon was spectacular.  I watched the TV show 'The Block' but must admit that the focus on emotion rather than good design is getting a little tedious.  Also watched the second episode of 'Doctor, Doctor' good to see Roger Corser playing a leading man again.  More importantly, how refreshing to have well written, superbly acted Australia drama on the screen.  Everyone involved should be proud. an absolute show stopper and I've literally laughed out loud, and we are only on episode two, series one.

Tomorrow, I hope to get my back a little better with some Bowen Therapy.  At the minute, it's all easy food and getting out in the sunshine even if it's just for a cup of tea or coffee.  I will get back to writing again soon, four plus days is too long to leave you waiting to hear about my pedestrian existence!

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