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Enjoy some nectar

I want to title this blog post in a hyperbolic manner as "enjoying evil nectar" but it would likely be lost on readers unless they have a history of my blog.  It may also put off anyone wanting to avoid depressing posts and news.  I sympathise, as for me, there's only so much of the world's evil, and general news, this woman can take per day.

The nectar I refer to is soy milk.  If I were to explain my relationship with soy milk to new readers in social media terms it would be complicated.  Having avoided soy milk religiously for months, due to concerns it would exacerbate my thyroid disease, I am back on the juice.  While I tried to love, or at least put up with other types of milk, and while I had a fling with normal milk that ended in pain, I am quite content to be back to being one of the soy latte set.

I must confess I generally limit my soy milk consumption and keep my use of it to tea and coffee. I've found that if anything avoiding soy in my tea has been …

Weekday reading picks: How to lose money and frustrate people

Do people who buy houses always finish as winners?  I guess that's up to you to decide based on the best information available.

1) Most people that rely on housing as an investment strategy lose money according to this report, Macro Business:

2) As the saying goes, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  This article talks about the land bubble of the 1880s in Australia.  Does it sound at all familiar?

"Probably the most interesting cycle was the colossal land boom of the 1880s, followed by the equally large bust of the 1890s, a period of euphoric and very irrational expectations. A speculative mania spread like wildfire among Australians, centred in Melbourne. A bubble in commercial land prices formed, feeding into the residential property market. From 1887 to the peak in 1891, housing prices increased by 32 per cent, only to collapse by 31 per cent over the next h…

Not so pedestrian after all

So, I went to Bowen Therapy which has really helped my back and body feel better.  You would not know it was healing last night.  My back was black and blue but it's calmed down now.  I'm definitely in less pain which is really such a relief.

After Bowen Therapy I was under strict orders to rest and relax.  I took those orders seriously which probably explains the need for them in the first place!  Somehow I went from relaxing with a herbal tea to a potential medical emergency.

I say potential medical emergency because everything is fine.  I had to call an ambulance to make sure everything is fine though.

^I wrote the above last night and then could write no more.  I needed some time before pressing publish.  Today, I went for a swim and picked up some medicine.  It was so lovely to get back into the pool.  I've been told to focus on relaxing in water and swimming on my back which I am completely out of practice for.

Onto my fourth cup of tea and the search for the beach s…

A pedestrian existence

I'm still trying to fight the flu off.  While other people seem to get symptoms and quite sick, they also seem to recover faster than I do.  I'll be the first to admit a little jealousy.  A month fighting the flu bug off is not my idea of fun.

Today, I managed to go for a walk in the beautiful spring sunshine.  I think the morning involved rain but the afternoon was spectacular.  I watched the TV show 'The Block' but must admit that the focus on emotion rather than good design is getting a little tedious.  Also watched the second episode of 'Doctor, Doctor' good to see Roger Corser playing a leading man again.  More importantly, how refreshing to have well written, superbly acted Australia drama on the screen.  Everyone involved should be proud. an absolute show stopper and I've literally laughed out loud, and we are only on episode two, series one.

Tomorrow, I hope to get my back a little better with some Bowen Therapy.  At the minute, it's all easy fo…

All fun and games

Given past trends, I expect electricity to go up in price over time.  There are many ways to save money on electricity including reasonably regularly updating devices and machines to energy efficient models.  I try and charge my laptop during the day for use later at night when the solar system is not in use.

While I type, I have drunk a hot cup of herbal tea to warm me up and get me ready to bed.  I seem to be going through a night owl/ insomnia phase.  The low cost heater is on to dry out the room as it has been particularly cold lately (only just switched on).

I try to go to bed and put the light off as a general rule but my back is really bad at the moment and sitting up with a hot water bottle gives me comfort.  My low emission lamp is on too and does not seem to add much to the power bill (CFL) though some people tell me LEDs are better for efficient lighting.  Modern CFLs do give a gently light I prefer.

Other than watching power consumption and buying energy efficient device…

Coffee & conversation

According to Gizmodo Australia (1), Australians take a destructive, yet ironically protective approach to their smart phones.  My way to ruin phones including dropping on rough concrete, slamming a car door on them and seeing if they will survive a fall down multiple flights of stairs (not so well) do not even get a mention. 

The top ways to destruct phone are dropping them in water or spill drinks on them.  The moral of the story? don't mix drink with text.   We could start a new trend, coffee and conversation!  Bring back an old idea that cafes and coffee stimulate brain cells, good conversation and snappy business deals reminiscent of the enlightenment period in Europe (2).



Daily Mail: Men want women who discuss politics and other interesting things
No problem!

Report: The Controversy Over The Safe Schools Program

Report by Professor Patrick Parkinson that questions the premise that much of the Safe Schools program is based on.  A must read for parents, can be down loaded here:

Skills for employment

Vocational Education and Training generally increases the chances of gaining employment:

Low cost hope for ice (crystal meth) addicts

I am all about searching for hope in the midst of what may feel at times like a hopeless situation.  Now, I believe in accepting the reality of a situation and grieving losses associated with a poor prognosis in health, while still looking for the best way to manage things.  Just aiming to manage poor health is a hopeful activity and it does not eradicate the seriousness of a situation.

Last night I was watching Australian ABC's Four Corners program about people with ice (crystal meth) addiction who are desperate to seek help, preferably residential care to give them a change of environment and hopefully change their perspective to achieve a sober life.  The report detailed the difficulty getting into rehabilitation with long waiting lists on the public system.  Concerns were raised about the expense of private rehabilitation programs which saw people remortgage their houses and access their super early.  There were questions as to whether these private programs are worth the mone…

Green Tea and Lemon

Last week I consumed enough garlic to keep vampires away and come close to sterilizing a hospital.  Of course, that's utter nonsense because then I would sneeze and give the entire hospital the flu that keeps on giving me fatigue, glandular swelling, sneezing, fevers, dehydration and the feeling that I can propel myself anywhere if I aim my body right and time my sneeze well.

"It's so exciting", she said decidedly, possibly with a grumpy expression,

I'm drinking green tea in the seemingly vain hope it kills this flu.  There is a lump of lemon in there too to kick it.  In between green tea and cordial laced with all important glucose, I am continuing to drink berry herbal drinks.

Good mental health therapies

Science proves that engaging in modern mental health practices provides hope and promotes wellness:

Basel changes: reforms of banking lending

Property speculators are unlikely to want Basel IV changes, which are likely to be implemented in 2019, according to this article published by Reuters:

I personally believe that more capital in banks deposits and lending that reflects risk and opportunity can only be a good thing for an economy.  Given that market conditions suggest lenders have been fuelling speculative lending I expect to see further value wiped off bank stocks in the coming days.

This article make special mention of the CBA but actually suggests that all major Australian lenders are struggling with bad debts.  Do I think that lenders have been fuelling speculative lending?  Yes, I do.  Do I think that a major correction to the tune of a trillion dollars is due on the ASX in the next couple of days?  Yes, I think that's likely.  Do I think we are headed for major economic pain?  Yes, short term pain, long term societal benefit if a down turn…

Government savings news

Credit to Labour for taking the initiative to come up with a compromise to provide government saving measures with the Liberal government.  I imagine this will pass without opposition because it really does not target the most vulnerable, unlike past budget measures.  It will place further pressure on the real estate market as rents will have to be adjusted to less generous family benefit payments.

Australian houses predicted to crash in six weeks?

What real estate price crash?

If you've read some of my other posts you would have to come to the conclusion that I think we are headed, and in some areas already in, an extreme buyers market in Tasmania.  It is certainly early days but the signs are there.
Potential signs of an extreme buyers market:
More agents than listings I question the sustainability of thirty agents and five listings.  Though not exact figures, have a look at this week's real estate guide, and make your own conclusions.  The current ratio at some agencies  would not be sustainable in retail, or other forms of high value sales environments such as business to business.

There's an air of complacency that comes with being able to sustain so many people for a long time. In any successful sales role you need people that are hungry to reach goals.

How hungry are you if there are more of you than listings (potential sales)?

Multiple blocks for sale with unit development approval Multiple blocks with unit development approval, either cur…

Geek out: Autism fatty acid, mercury exposure and gut bacteria links

For all you geeks out there, or those just interested in medical research related to autism, here's some articles to get your brain matter going:

1) Articles linking autism with low maternal fatty acid intake:

Research suggests link between low fatty acid intake in pregnancy and increased incidence of autism.





2) There's research indicating a link between high maternal exposure to mercury and autism:

3) Improving gut bacteria may be key to treating autism:
Cure for autism may include improving gut bacteria.  Study on mice gives hope:…

Disability discrimination?

I have no doubt that it's generally harder to find work if you have some kind of health limitation, whether that's considered a chronic health condition or a disability, it may affect someones ability to find work.  I do however question whether discrimination is a legitimate gripe if someone has not bothered to gain skills, qualifications and experience.  Yes, all three before being engaged in paid employment.  And then, once gaining any kind of paid experience funnelling that money into further education and adding to your value has to be the way to go.

At the moment, as much as I would like to, it seems unlikely I will return to the world of paid work.  I've come to accept that however begrudgingly.  Lately though, curious about whether my attitude is normal I've been reading about other people who have limitations with their health.  Now, I know plenty of people want to work and can not.  I do not dispute, or begrudge, people needing a disability payment.  Sometime…

ADHD - exercise and diet may offer cause, and cure

Further reading on the link between life style and ADHD.  Current research suggests a strong link between maternal and childhood diet and exercise and incidence of ADHD.  This should have welfare proponents questioning payment to parents with children with ADHD under disability, when interventions would likely provide total cure.  Payment for nutritional support in the form of a professional nutritionist and ongoing guidance are certainly good ideas.  I will let you read the following, and decide yourself:

Article 1)

Article 2)

Article 3)



Rain and sunshine

This morning, I rested to help my body recover from the flu.  I think I am largely over it.  My body temperature seems to have returned to normal but my glands are swollen and I am still tired.  Tomorrow I want to go for a gentle walk in the sunshine.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I did get up today and I had a coffee while toasting my toes in the sun.  My grocery shopping was highlighted by a genuinely friendly check out operator.  In fact, I was so impressed that I may go back later in the week to let management know.  It's fast becoming a rarity to get great service.  I notice though, that without question, I get the best service from people who are dedicated to bettering themselves.  There's this weird idea out there, that it's better to have mediocre staff "because they are loyal".  They might be loyal, but they will always be mediocre.  Better to get the best, and watch the cash flow in.  People who are below par annoy me, and get me going to the co…

Pan cakes for brunch

Today, I made gluten free, dairy free pan cakes for brunch.  Easy to make and light on the stomach, they make a perfect food for recovery from the flu.

I am hopeful that I'm over the worst of it, but my glands are swollen and I'm still aching and sneezing.  I've seriously got cabin fever but I figure it's saving me money as long as I avoid online shopping!  I really want to go for a walk but my body's not up to it.  I have been pottering around the house doing odd jobs to stop myself going too stir crazy.

Anyway, my point was that pan cakes make an easy meal.  It's good to remember simple meals to stay fed and content.

Here's a gluten free recipe to get you going:

For dairy free, just use oil instead of butter, and a non-dairy milk.  I used coconut yogurt in mine and a little coconut, a pinch of sugar and cinnamon.

Bridging finance

If you, or someone you know, is considering using bridging finance, you may find this article informative:

Nasty flu strain

Apparently, my local public hospital is struggling with an influx of flu patients.  I'm not surprised as I found myself on the verge of severe dehydration last night.  Thankfully, with sugary ice poles and electrolytes I was able to get my fluids up.  I'm still a little dehydrated today but I think I will be fine.  This is a nasty strain of the flu, my knees have been hurting like I was hit by a baseball for days.

I was so tired last night I almost missed that I was as sick as I was.  It was noticing that I was irritable that made me check the symptoms of dehydration.  That, and I was so very fatigued.  I thought I should check, and then I got on it, and my fatigue has improved.  Mind you, over ten hours of sleep last night!

This is a good guide to dehydration, written by Medical Doctors (hence the md in the title):

If in doubt, call your local emergency department for medical advice.

Trying to cheer myself up - day 3

Today, I thought I might just be over the worst of this infernal virus, and then of course I sneezed.  Instead of being out and about doing exciting things, to cheer myself up today:

Drinking more herbal and green tea drinks to help my body healCleaned up around me because mess and depression are so easily intertwined in my experienceFollowed my advice, did something new, and spend the afternoon learning about selling second hand goods online.  Whether or not I sell anything is another matter.Making healthy dinner as I type. Stayed at home because I was too weak to go any where and managed to stay as cheerful as you can with a virus making one involuntarily sneeze regularlyPut on my skinny jeans and a smile on my dial, lovely and flattering (and stretchy!).Drank coffee and contemplated my navel.

Oven Chips

If no one ever taught you how to make oven chips without resorting to pre cut supermarket chips, this recipe is worth sharing.  I do this, only I precook my potato chips in the microwave and I use olive oil, garlic and rosemary from the garden.  Guess what I am having for dinner?!

Gordon Ramsey's oven baked chips:

By the way, yes, in my opinion deep fried are always better, but this way I can mooch around home and still have a reasonable dinner.

Trying to cheer myself up - day 2

I considered taking my flu ridden buttocks on a walk.  Then, I stood up and decided another day of mainly rest was called for.  So, today to cheer myself up:
Soaked my blues away in the bath yesterday.  Added some Epsom salts to encourage my body to rid itself of gunk.
Found my lock for swimming.  It was where I left it months ago and promptly forgot about.
Watched a documentary on Alzheimer's and the importance of a good nights sleep and then struggled to sleep.  Finally managed to get to sleep...they recommend a good eight hours,...six plus is not bad when you've spent the weekend in bed asleep.
Managed to get up before this afternoon.  Actually, managed to get up at a reasonable hour, not quite with the birds.
I drank green and lemon tea instead of breakfast.  Not out of virtue, just a complete lack of appetite.  My first try of Twinings' Green Tea & Lemon tea bags, that according to the packet is "Vibrant and Zesty".  In my opinion the perfect wake-myself-up.

Trying to cheer myself up

Today, I am still with virus.  I am hopeful the worst of it is over but I still managed to sleep past noon.  Not good.

I don't know about you, but viruses do not bring out the cheerful, go-getting side of me.

Things I've done today to cheer myself up:

threw myself in the shower as soon as I was out of bedpicked yellow spring flowers which are in a vase in the kitchencleaned a couple of windows (because I noticed they were dirty when I put the flowers in a vase)keeping things fairly clean and tidyon my second cup of teamade myself spend time out in the sunshinewatered pot plantshealthy food

Fluid. Painkillers. Much rest.

I'm will a virus.  I think the worst of it is over.  I've done the fluid, one dose of painkillers, and rest (slept the day away and no exercise).  I've even added in elderberry tea and iodine.  At the moment I am on my second cup of coffee to counteract the gloomy feeling that viruses can cause.  I made myself get up and shower when I woke up this afternoon (lots of sleep).

I will eat something easy to cook tonight and full of vegetables.  My appetite was huge yesterday and it's low today.  I'm sure that balances things out.  Thankfully the body aches have all but gone and I'm hoping this is just painful and over with quickly.  The sneezing and coughing, and eye dripping gave away that this is not a chronic fatigue episode.

It's a pretty cloudy day in Hobart so I guess it's a good time to spend indoors.  I did go outside for a little while to do a chore and drink some coffee.  I'm enjoying slouching around the house in second hand leggings.  Not so…