Third cup of coffee & pit-pat of rain

It's raining outside the window as I sip my third cup of coffee today.  I've just had lunch after going for a hill walk.  Potatoes are wonderful things to cook in the microwave for a cheap and healthy lunch.  My blood sugar was ridiculously low.  I added vegetables, a tiny bit of chicken from a roast I made last night and some dressing I made with a little curry.  Yum!

I must be feeling quite a bit better because before my walk I helped my mum clip, clean and haul leaves and branches from the garden.  Job done!  Now I'm all covered in scratches and expecting my thumb to be black tomorrow.  Silly little battle scars.

I'm definitely experiencing a little good muscle ache and we'll see how my body goes with that punishment.  So nice to go for a long walk like I managed today.  I love it, even if I did get drenched in the rain (my jeans need washing anyway).

Last night, while watching a little television I managed about fifteen minutes of weights and stretches and today for the first time this week my back did not hurt when I woke up and got out of bed.  Worth learning Pilates exercises and light weights to help keep your back in as good condition as is possible, particularly for people like me with arthritis and damage from car accidents and a broken tail bone - healing(yes, I did my back thoroughly!).  Exercise makes such a difference to your back.  I've met people who complained they had bad backs and refuse to exercise for fear it might improve things enough they might have to look for paid employment.  Clearly some people have bad backs and there's a limit to what they can do but for most people physio and exercise really can do wonders.

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