The Obesity Code - book review

Just read The Obesity Code, by Jason Fung M.D, in ebook format from my local library online.  I am currently overweight, for my build quite significantly, and for the first time in my life find myself considering buying a girdle for my waist.  Though, I am slowly trying to find my waist.  In my case, the weight gain is largely due to my thyroid hormone being out and my movement away from an autoimmune diet (no dairy and no gluten) likely did not help with managing my condition.

You can imagine that I expected exercise to be a bigger part of the solution to obesity and weight gain but research seems to indicate that while it's good at reducing insulin resistance in muscles, and in my experience good for mental health, it's impact on weight gain/ loss is negligible.  Given it's insulin resistance reduction properties it seems to me it should be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as it's not too extreme (puts stress on the body).

From reading the book, according to the author:

  • 70% of obesity is genetic/ unaccounted for
  • 30% is within our control
  • not snacking and skipping meals on occasion are the best ways to lose weight
  • managing insulin is critical in managing weight
  • eating whole foods, and keeping protein to small portions with reasonable levels of carbohydrates and fats will help
  • dairy helps most people maintain a healthy weight
  • skipping breakfast if you do not feel hungry can be a good thing
  • tea and coffee (without sugar) are good for most people 
  • reducing sugar and keeping carbohydrates like brown rice in the diet help manage healthy weight
  • losing weight is not a simple matter of lowering caloric intake
  • exercise is greatly over rated for weight loss
  • stress management and getting a good nights sleep help the body manage insulin effectively - which is where exercise may be beneficial
I only want to help manage my weight.  I've spent years trying to get weight on.  It amuses me when people wax lyrical about how they gave up gluten and it helped them lose weight.  I, and I am sure most other Coeliacs, gave up gluten to put weight on....AND it worked.  Not eating gluten has a place in managing autoimmune disease for certain but that's hardly the whole population, and it probably leads to temporary weight loss in people it's not indicated in because they eat less food by not being able to eat pizza when they normally would etc.

This book is fascinating and it does keep the brain cells firing while reading.  The one thing I am taking away from this, is to enjoy my herbal tea and keep away from snacks.

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