Rust begone & elderberries

For the cost of a can of car paint, some sand paper and free plastic sheeting lying around, I fixed up the rust on my car.  It's far from perfect but that's the great thing with driving a bit of a clunker, it hardly matters.  The main thing is that the rust is contained and the car looks better which is all I was going for.

Continuing to pay off me HECS debt, just paid off another $100 and put some more money into my car fund.  A little less than last fortnight but I might add more in and the end of the pay period if it's not all spent.

Drinking elderberry tea (elderberries must be ripe and steeped in boiling water, do not consume raw or unripe as they can be toxic) which I bought in bulk a while ago.  I'm drinking it in lieu of buying vitamin c as it's purported to be high in vitamin c and helps to take the edge off chronic fatigue.  That being said, I spent the morning in bed.  My sleeping pattern has gone hey wire again.  How much that's to do with CFS/ME, and how much is related to having a cold, I don't know.  Hopefully it will calm down soon and go back to something more normal.

Some articles on the health properties of elderberries:

Mercola writes about elderberries:

Herb wisdom on elderberries:

Web MD on elderberries:

Ashbolt farm writes about the latest findings on elderberries.  They sell a delicious elderberry cordial - like a cup of sunshine (my opinion - no commercial relationship)

Disclaimer: this blog is for entertainment purposes only.  If you want to try elderberry tea to help your health and well-being, you are best to speak with your treating doctor/s.

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