No Moo for me :(

The way I read this meta-analysis in pubmed is that people like me, with my genes, which places me at risk of Coeliac disease should avoid dairy or face increased risk of type 1 diabetes (autoimmune) which I need like a hole in my foot (on top of everything else):

Written in 1999

And this,
which states that risks for type 1 diabetes in the rest of the population are complicated and include multiple factors:

If I was writing about type 1 diabetes' relationship with dairy products in social media speak: "it's complicated".

Everything I have read suggest that genes have a massive impact on risk, however there may be other factors turning on the gene expression.  The general health of the immune system and health of the gut may impact risk of type 1 diabetes which I find incredibly interesting.

Please note:
It is critical that parents with children follow M.Ds (Medical Doctor) and qualified nutritionists directions in the treatment of type 1 diabetes.  Poor management of type 1 diabetes can place your child's life in danger and/or risk permanent blindness and other ill health outcomes.
If you have any concerns about symptoms please contact your local doctor/ nurse line/ hospital.  You can call your emergency department for triage and treatment advice.

For the latest information, including research, into diabetes, the American Diabetes Association is a good place to start (  For Australians I suggest contacting the Diabetes Australia (  Both have excellent resources on their internet pages.

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