Mended, made and walked

Today, after a major sleep in, I mended my jeans with lurid thread because I hear poverty chic is very in with the young peoples.  And, I just don't care if anyone notices.  I've decided to embrace the imperfections.  If the economy goes in the trajectory I think is most likely, I am sure this will become a trend, and by then I will have bought new jeans.  I might even fit into my new to me jeans soon, I fitted into them brilliantly a few months ago when I bought them. 

Then, I discovered how to make coconut milk for tea and coffee.  I just got a can of quality coconut milk and placed it in the milk carton using a funnel, squeezed in the juice of a small lemon and filled it up with filtered water.  Shake and add to tea.  Tastes quite nice.  I'm not sure the lemon is needed but I wanted it to have a preserving agent.  If you use name brand coconut milk it's a relative bargain.

More hill walking this afternoon.  I must be honest and admit that it was after spending the morning recovering from yesterday's major jaunt.  I thought the iodine was not doing much, in terms of benefit, so I stopped it for a week and found myself feeling mildly dizzy and struggling up that hill yesterday.  I took a few drops last night and this afternoon and today's walk was not nearly so difficult to complete.  I almost enjoyed my walk up the hill and I was rewarded with a pretty spectacular view!

I figure, even if my thyroid hormone becomes balanced again thanks to pharmaceuticals I still need to eat well and exercise to lose weight.  Given the gradual weight loss this does seem to be the case.  I will keep trudging along.

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