Had a quick look at my finances, at my spending versus income.  All in all, I am doing well.  The information from my bank showed that I have spent a little more than normal this month.  Some of that's been a few snacks and bulk drink buying to keep me away from cafes.

Some of my spending has been attributable to paying off my University degree.  That's had an impact on my bottom line.  When I take that out, as it's not really a necessary expense, more a commitment, I am saving more than I am spending.   Clearly I am spending that money though and I recognize that.

My other major expense has been medicine and doctor's fees.  I guess that's fairly normal bottom line impacts for someone who is chronically ill, medicine and University.  Then there's food and rent.  It's all pretty disciplined, I just need to watch the bits and pieces.  I gave myself a little slack this month because I have generally been on track for a while.

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