Jean fit

I was struggling to fit into my jeans and breathe at the same time.  My size 12 pair of jeans I bought a few weeks ago no longer fit due to thyroid weight gain.  My size 10 pair were tight and fast falling to pieces.

When I was studying the psychology of spending at college the accepted wisdom was that 99 per cent of decisions are made with emotion.  If you buy, then it's with feeling, not facts.  While some of my decisions are most certainly of the impulse type, my two pairs of comfy, stretchy "skinny fit" jeans were bought with the criteria:

  • must fit (ridiculously hard - ironically, after trying on 15 pairs, the "skinny fit" fit)
  • under $10 a pair, unless they make me look stunning and then under $15
  • must look reasonable
  • must be comfortable
I managed to buy two pairs on both accounts.  I only bought the jeans too, which took quite a bit of discipline!  I am very happy with my stretchy comfy jeans and feel like my other size 12 jeans are mocking me for not fitting into them.  I am slowly losing the fluid and will fit into them in a few weeks.  

It's so nice to wear jeans that fit.  With sizes created by individual fashion brands, size is often just a number.  I barely fit into one pair of size 14 jeans and swam in another!  Love clothes that fit nicely and are flattering which help keep me motivated to look after myself.

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